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The "guess-what-car" game


I thought it was a Delage or something but 1) it’s not 2) it’s also not french. No idea :man_shrugging:


rip you


Hint: it has a German name


c’mon people!!!


hey I tried but have no clue of these sorts of racing cars…


this one is an “if you like GP history, you’ll know” sort of car. so not easy unless you’re big into it


I’m stumped because I’ve never seen a Grand Prix car of the era painted blue that wasn’t French. It was regulation. So it’s either older or younger than I’m thinkiing… unless she’s been repainted non-traditionally.


…or maybe the colours have been changed to throw us off :thinking:


Could you give us a time period? Or possibly another hint?


Auto Union Type D?




all wrong.

it’s Post-War and not Yurop


Cooper T23


not yurop


So the car won a Grand Prix, doesn’t mean that this was an “F1” race though, does it?


it was F1 era, but not totally an F1 Race. this car is not an F1 car

EDIT: it turns out it’s NOT a GP winner, but it did take 2nd place in one. sorry about that fellas.


new hint: 57 & 62


I’ve gotta ask to get this car out of my head,
Is it an Offenhauser Indy Roadster?


Oh, I got it!

Maybach Special



well done.