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The "guess-what-car" game


This could be easy, or it could be hard…

guess car 3


Or it could be a Buick LaCrosse.


And it is.


247+1 mph =


EDIT: no, wrong, it’s a Saleen S7


Damn I gotta step up my game
Saleen S7 it is



because I know most cars that can top 220mph haha

This post will be replaced by an actual car when I get home.


no you won’t, because



Explain this to a guess the car noob, oh mighty one.

I don’t really care if I don’t get to post a car, but me not knowing what the hell rule has been broken based on the OP makes this a bit of a circle jerk.


not directed at you, but SideSwipe. he’s tried to hijack it twice in a week.

and he’s been in this for a while.

sorry about that confusion.


oh lol ok sorry for the snark then. I’m so confused.

Oh wait, I didn’t even see who posted :joy: hahaha that should have been obvious ignore me I suck dicks

@titleguy1 I reckon it should be you up next then.


Yikes, sorry. Didn’t know you needed such complicated rules for such a simple game.


well, at least the rule that the winner of the previous round should be the one to post is clearly stated and makes a lot of sense for preventing total chaos…


Those who got enough wills. Yeah, that’s very clear.
“Aka the winners” should come right after “out a car” and not the other part about the others, and sounds like he’s saying the people guessing (correctly?) are the winners.
Could’ve just written “you must’ve won the previous round to post another pic,” but that’s too simple and clear.


Ok sure, the sentence could use a bit of cleaning up given it was written by somebody for whom English is not their primary language. But it’s still ok enough for people with basic English comprehension skills, which, if you’re writing in fluent English, you should possess.


Yeah I got the “not just some guy out of nowhere” part, but what about the “those who got enough wills” part? What does that mean? If he’s just talking about the winners, is it everyone who’s won before or just the previous winner? If it’s just the previous winner and they forget to post a photo, then do they just lose that ability or do they store it for later?
I guess I don’t have basic English comprehension skills then. If that’s the case, then bye. This forum is clearly not meant for me, since nobody likes me.


The rules have been written clear and simple enough that nobody questioned it for 6 and a half years. Stop being a pain.


I’m away on vacation so I cannot post a car atm. Anyone can go


So I shall.


Chrysler ME Four-Twelve