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The "guess-what-car" game


Yup, your turn.


guess car 4


Hey, I know this one!

Hyundai Ioniq


you feind!


Got it.


Alright, I made another photoshop, but I think this should be pretty easy :wink: I’ll post the full image if no one can get it within a day. I only used one car in the photoshop.


SW20 MR2?


Nah, it’s obviously the legendary Toyota FR2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Next round is yours!


I thought this was the car photoshop thread by what you wrote so I don’t have a car ready so anyone can post a car

nevermind i got one
what car (2)


Marussia B2?




Spada Vetture Sport


Correct (although a different name for it than I was expecting it looks to be the same car)


Damnit man you should have passed it back to me, now I’ll never ever get another go :stuck_out_tongue:


New car time!


hint: it’s American


Graham Hollywood.


that was fast !



Should be fairly easy. You get nearly the whole car!


2nd gen Toyota Crown?