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The "guess-what-car" game


Ford GP




@ramthecowy your answer was almost correct before you pulled it.



Sorry for the late post.


1985 Toyota Camry





Honda Fc Sport Concept, if i’m not wrong


You got it.



i pass this time, so whoever wants to can post the next car.



I do believe that is a Yugo Sana?


That is correct!


Wehey I’m strangely proud of that.

Anyway, this is quite a unique bit of this car so hopefully isn’t too hard.


That’s a Marcos Mantara right there


Yes it is, and it was a bloody lovely thing to be riding in out in the country on that Sunday morning.

Your go.


Fun fact I would have no idea this car even exists if it wasn’t for the fact I like to browse the “misc. brands” section of Mobile.de, there’s a littering of these for sale on there

Not bothered to try too hard so here have an easy one folks



nissan figaro ?




An oldie


Is it any sort of Datsun?