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The "guess-what-car" game


What the 1920s?


Just John. I’ll be surprised if anyone gets it without hints.


it’s bout time i wen’t difficult


This is a total shot in the dark but; Stutz Vertical 8?


well you shot and you missed. sorry :smile:


Well, that sounds about right for me


Lancia Lambda? No.




Hint then?


Stars and Stripes


Ford Model T?


The general appearance is quite reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce (fun fact the 40/50hp and Phantom I+II were also assembled in Springfield, Massachusetts) save for a general lack of opulence and seemingly slightly differing grille. I can’t really think of many american makes with such a squared off grille and can’t be bothered to dig into that hole again so count Rolls Royce Phantom I as my solution.


both are very wrong


Birmingham motors demonstration car?




Is it an old Cadillac by any chance, my guess based on the glimpse I have got on the badge






the builder of the car is long defunct


Well this surely narrows the list of possible candidates down.