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The "guess-what-car" game


yeah to only 30ish i’m figuring 1910’s to 1920’s


A Nash maybe?


nope. i’ll give you a better hint, though: it’s not petrol.


Is it a Stanley Steamer?





62 Mercury Comet wagon?


It’s a 1963, but you got it.



Wonderfully terrible :smiley:




is it an old Austin, A30 maybe



It’s by a much smaller company. The particular model is from the 60s.


standard 8? - At this point I may start throwing guesses, another guess is a pennant



These cars did use Standard engines though.


It is definitely not an electric car.


It’s a Fairthorpe Zeta. which, by the way, used Ford motors, not Standards like the Electron did

EDIT, it’s an Electrina, which did use the Standard I4, so my bad.


Yup, electrina it is




Already can tell it is a car from the past 10-13 years, the parking sensors and lights are a hint.

Looks Kinda Cheap though - probably made on an industrial estate in Kent.