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The "guess-what-car" game


I think you may be perhaps over-complimenting my paint skills there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Image looks flipped, check the gauges.


50% sure it’s a Merc.


Not a Mercedes, but that probably suggests Merc interiors aren’t up to much.


Zastava Florida?


Nah nothing relating to Yugo/Zastava.


Right, clues before I sleep. Car is a 2017, and has been built and sold in a fair number of countries.


Peugeot 405?


Ding ding ding




Lada Granta?




Aww and I was all “i got this” as well

Next time I’ll get it :sunglasses:


Renault Symbol/Thalia

Since I’m 100% sure I’m correct, and I know I won’t have much access to the laptop tomorrow, here’s the next car.



Chevrolet Chevy C2?





The 1st Car that Comes to mind is a Nissan 240SX but I Know that’s not it, 2nd Choice is a Mazda MX-5/Miata but I doubt it.
Due to Rice/Tuner Interior I’m Thinking Japanese & it’s also a Convertible & LHD so not JDM?


A crime against everyone blessed with the gift of sight.


I’m sure it’s not a punto cabrio but I’m not sure it isn’t a VW cabrio