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The "guess-what-car" game


ah, Ligier JS1


Perfect. Your turn.




You are cruel, you know? :smile:


no points in easyness :slight_smile:


FSO Polonez ?


No, guess again!


Do you see this thing in the upper right corner of a post? It means that picture was posted back in January 2011. It has been guessed a very long time ago. The current car to be guessed is three posts above you.


Looks like a Lagonda 4½-litre M45 Sports Tourer 1934


nope, it is british, though


new hint: it’s pretty unique


Is it a Frazer Nash of some description, possibly a Fast Tourer? Coachwork is slightly different but closest I can get for now.


right company, wrong car


it is indeed a Frazer-Nash.

new hint: Goodwood MM


1928 Frazer-Nash Saloon?


Ah it’s The Owlet, right I see, fair dos. I blame this on me never having been to the MM or The Revival. :stuck_out_tongue:


Adam Wins


Petition to limit guessable cars to be from 1930s onwards:
It’s commendable that we have people with deep knowledge of so many obscure cars but in the interest of keeping the game going the cars actually need to be guessable. I think I speak with the agreement of at least 7 other people when saying that going for models with coachwork built bodies where each example built is different or something like that is a little unreasonable. Of course, certain coachbuilders are very unique and recognizable so they should not be ruled out etc - yes. Agreed. However if we want to keep the game alive could we restrict it to something like post-1930s cars before they end up getting so weird no one will be able to guess them? Even for the majority of our community distinguishing between cars of that era is hard. Let’s just keep it reasonable - rare, unknown cars need not be banned or anything but let’s just try to limit it to an era where cars became distinct looking enough that we can actually guess. After all…


If this is not acceptable, please shout, but the last interior one seemed to work well enough.


MG ZS suv?