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The "guess-what-car" game


ah, the legendary Lincoln Do Not Touch :wink:


It is a Do Not Touch, but not a Lincoln :wink:


Whoops, little late with a hint.

It’s American… with a twist.


Hint hint?


I keep forgetting the hints when nobody is guessing.

It’s from the 00s.


Alright, still no guesses… time for an easy hint:

It’s from an American arm of a Japanese company.


Scion Fuse


Ding ding ding!



Wait… that’s a headlight???


Yup, it’s the Scion Fuse concept.

@Noporian the headlights are RGB.



@adamd your turn!


Quick on this as I’m about to leave, something a little different.

I think I’ve shared this elsewhere so shouldn’t take too long but haven’t got time for one of my usual cacky photoshops. Obviously I’ll be generous with clues on this one quite quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it a BMW?


No, but I’m guessing you got that from the quad headlights which it did have.


So, is it a Mercedes? Especifically a W201 190E?


Jaguar XJ6/XJ12?


Nope, neither of the above. Not German or British.


Hmm… 70s Toyota Celica or Toyota Corona?


Extremely warm, but then you have seen this picture before so I expected that.

Which is it gonna be sir, there were 2 Celica shapes in that decade and 2/3 Coronas…


2nd gen Celica