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The "guess-what-car" game


Celica TA23 GT.


Engine, body style and trim level correct? Sorry John but I’ll have to give it to ram I think.

EDIT: Reading helps, it’s a first gen so Ram is outright correct anyway.




1999 Subaru Legacy Outback



and @adamd I actually hadn’t seen the photo, but I figured that with your fondness of Toyota it might very well be one :wink:


Correct, go on


I’ll post something easier this time:


uh, some kind of B body thing. I’ll guess Electra Estate Wagon

Alternatively 2nd gen Olds Custom Cruiser



Actually a LeSabre, but the Electra and LeSabre were effectively the same thing at the time (and not distinguishable from the photo), so correct!


Anyone can go


I’ll keep the ball rolling


Volkswagen Pointer






The ugly as sin Skilton Perkins SP2 GT, probably FPM 3L?


right company, wrong model.


For my own curiosity then, are you looking for Highwayman, or Estate?


What were they drinking/sniffing when designing that?


I’m not quite sure, they only made that one which was Jack Perkins’ personal car. Probably isn’t a bad thing. It was meant to be a thing that rich people could have custom built but was relatively expensive. I believe they only made 2 of the previous SP1 so they weren’t a huge success. :joy: