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The "guess-what-car" game


Bitter type 3?


Not a Bitter either, no.

The roof line and the door should give away some clues, as they’re untouched from the base car.

This has run long enough now and I think some people elsewhere are nearly there, so clue overload:

  • There’s an E30 3 series body under there somewhere.
  • Drivetrain is not the usual but is BMW.
  • The company now has offices in Nottingham and provides parts for those posh David Brown things.
  • It’s nearly a hatchback, has opening rear window as well as the boot.


Aha, so it is a Vestatec Magnum.



Certainly is, your go.


fuck me, no wonder i couldn’t find them. because they’re technically an engineering firm, they’re not listed on any car databases, really. good job @adamd, real brain twizzler.




i smell reagan era




Reagan era indeed, but different country


is it yuropeen?


It is not


Some kind of Honda/Acura Vigor concept or prototype?


Nope. Production car.




Mazda Luce Hardtop


You got it




Bells Aurens Long nose ?


suprisingly quick.


I remember seeing it on a Hammerstudiosgaming video and I thought a Landover was going to be too obvious