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The "guess-what-car" game


Well, it’s not based on a Chery. but a Riich G2, but yes, it is a ZAZ Slavuta Nova indeed :slight_smile: Your turn.


Oh, I though ZAZ was Chery owned… At least, that and a visit to Kiev is how I knew ZAZ (I had to Google the model name) anyway…


Santa Matilde


Clearly too easy :sweat_smile:


You can’t talk about it and reference it and then not expect me to look it up and not know how it looks! :smile:


I know, I know, had hoped people guessing would have missed that. I do have more difficult ones in mind for the future, but for now. Your turn!



it reminds me of a Fiat Dino and Corvair love child


You’re quite warm on the first one


ah, Moretti Sportiva




Never heard of this one, despite me having the feeling I saw this car before. Good car design then I guess…




That looks like a cross between a Volvo and Toyota MR2. I take it it’s in no way either?


It certainly looks like something that tries to be Japanese.


Anibal Podadera


That rear is so ugly :scream:


Anibal Podadera/F-100 it is.


6 days passed, hijack then.


that’s a cardboard box.