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The "guess-what-car" game


It’s not :stuck_out_tongue:

Hint: it was made on an island.


Hint 2: it has an American chassis.


Seems that the car used some parts from a Seat Ibiza I. Is based on a Ibiza?


scroll up and notice how the game has moved on.


I was commenting only XD.


@vmo, I do guess so. It makes sense to use Spanish parts.

@Dorifto_Dorito, that’s because @szafirowy01 made it ridiculously interestingly difficult as usual. I have a vague idea in the direction of which to search, but I fail to pinpoint it so far.


Hint 3: …and the AMC inline 6.


I found a car using the door handles and the rims, and those are confirmed by that hint. The rest of the body is completely different.

Is the Island in the Western or Eastern hemisphere?


Hint 4: it’s the only ICE powered car of its brand.


Hint 5: it’s maker was the only car company on the mentioned island (bonus hint: and the island is on the western hemisphere, near a bigger island).


Atlantic/Caribbean or Pacific?


Not Caribbean, not Pacific.


I swear, there are Russian secret military projects with more open-source information on than this car.


Hint 6: this car was only a prototype, made in 4 examples.


Is the island a country or part of a larger country?


I think it is related to the AMC Amitron, but couldn’t find anything from the partner corporation that was involved with it, also long since bought out.


@thecarlover Part of a larger country.

@Zabhawkin Unrelated. Even the electric models of the company weren’t related with the Amitron.


are we talking The Channel Islands?


Enfield 4x4? (not sure if there’s a model name to go with that)

edit: 1972 Enfield Safari


Ding ding ding! Enfield Safari it is, congratulations, your turn :slight_smile: