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The "guess-what-car" game


were still quite far off.

it’s not a Morgan, Bristol, Allard, AC, MG, Jaguar, or Triumph, just to narrow it down.


It’s an Austin Healey Sprite.


that’s about as far away as any guess has been.


Time for questions.

Production model or prototype/extremely small number?


it was a low volume production car, and it shares the mechanicals with something very mundane


Mini engine, no?




Hint: it runs an engine that was first introduced in the 1930’s


ok, time for a bigger expansion on 2 previous clues.

The car is Ford Popular 103E based.


Morris Minor 1000?
Edit: Nope, Engine is too new.
Could the Engine be the Ford Sidevalve?



I thought you said it wasn’t a kit car man?


that’s my bad on two counts. firstly, i was referring to a modern, retro style kit car, so wording there was 100% terrible. and 2, i honestly didn’t think a re body constituted a kit car.

really sorry, guys :cry:


Don’t worry men.


This had a couple of possible model names so I’ll take either of them.


Allard P4


Nah the rank Lexus is merely a distraction to prevent google images from finding the answer I was after which was “Morrison’s Large Steak Pie” in a 70s disco hall.

Your go sir




I’m sure I’ve seen this car before but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it’s name.


Is it a Bond Bug with 4 wheels? Webster.

Edit: Or just a white Bug but I figure possibly more obscure.


Yes, WMC Bug, Webster Motor Company kit car.