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The "guess-what-car" game


WMC Bug it is!


@adamd, go ahead.


You are on fire, man!


i finally have to question what is this “men” thing you keep using?

you do know that “Men” is plural right?


Nope XD.


Since I was technically correct as well:


Nissan Tama


All yours :wink:

I should have taken one of the more generic cars I had in mind.


Since vmo had quite some time but didn’t post a new one, allow me to try again:


Hint: nobody bought the car, but the car ended up selling a company.


Hint: the doors are that small because the materials it was made of were needed to build military material (should give an indication on the time period).


Is it Italian?


It is not.


French car?


It is not.

Hint: the car was made by an established car manufacturer, but this formed the start of their real success (linked to hint 1).


Is it a Triumph?


Warmer. Much warmer.

But no.

That can count as a hint, methinks.


Is it a kit car of some sort?


No, but it is a prototype (during the war years, more than one engine was tried out, and the car drove nearly 200.000km in 5 years, so it wasn’t a single showing and then back into the hangar type of car).


Aston Martin Atom