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The "guess-what-car" game


Oof, I think he was on drugs to design this


Daihatsu Skywing.


As we’ve got no advances on Skywing as it is technically more specific, it’s yours John.





Hint: it shares a lot with another car.


Looks like a Marauder Tourer to me.


+1 here.


Why not -1


All that negativism.


i’ll give it you because it is a Marauder. for future reference, the car i posted was a Marauder 100, which is slightly different than the original Marauder A.


I appreciate your leniency in that answer!

And now:



Austin Healey 3000 (by Pio Manzu , Pininfarina)




So here is car (with stupid edit in paint) that is not “Ford Mustang” or “Ricer tuning” car.
(Sorry for small photo and edit xD)


Laraki Epítome?


Yeah Boi. :slight_smile:


Gonna bring this back to life.


Honestly no idea if this thing contravenes a rule I can’t remember but it looks so comedy I thought I’d whack it up as a revival post.


@adamd That’s the silliest looking thing that I’ve ever seen.


The only think that I know, is that is a Japanese auction.


Clue fert’day - I think there’s only one? Certainly this exact one here in japanese auction was in America for sale a few years ago.