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The "guess-what-car" game


It looks like some form o’ kit car. Not familiar with names other than the Exomotive Exocet and the Caterham/Lotus Seven, but it’s neither of them.


I suppose it is yeah as the gubbins underneath is taken from a “proper” car, but as far as I know the rest was all made up rather than being a kit.


Next clue: A 1200 Beetle was sacrificed to build this, apparently.


Next clue: It’s supposedly modeled on a fighter jet. No idea how they worked that out but there we go.


Honestly I don´t think we´ll find out :stuck_out_tongue:
I spend a lot of time with google and your vehicle is the first one ever I could not find…


Noone is even having a decent crack at it though, so no way to guide people towards it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Next clue: The back end seems to be a boat, bit like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


i mean, if it’s a total one-off, can we actually have a decent crack at it? like does it have a manufacturer name even?


Now, I know reverse image searching is cheating, but I did it.

It came back with nothing.


Lol same :sweat_smile:


Don’t try so hard with the reverse image search. It’s a VW Beetle based hot rod kit car modeled on a jet. That should get you to it. I could have been a real sod, and cropped it down a vent or headlight or something.

It’s currently up in live public japan auction listings under “OTHER” as the manufacturer if you wish to go there, just be warned the translation is not great of the name.


It’s a Rib Jet


Magic stuff, your turn.



I’m pretty sure I’ve read about it.

I have no f…ing idea when, where and, most importantly, what is it :joy:


Gurgel XEF

word to the wise: you made it very easy having BR in yer username.


Your turn



I feel like I’ve seen this before in a Forza game.

It looks Italian, maybe a Maseratti or a Ferrari.

However, I could just be completely wrong and it’s some form of AC Cobra predecessor.


Sammio Spyder?


I suppose it is one of the many Cobra Replicas or Look A likes. Probably british since its RHD.