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The "guess-what-car" game


Alfa Romeo Junior Z

That clue made it too easy :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, that was actually an interesting way of giving a hint. Loved it.


Glad you liked it. Up you go then @szafirowy01


Good morning (:stuck_out_tongue:)

This shouldn’t be hard.


Hint: British engine.


Fiat strada pickup?(Did that version had Adventure in name?)


Proton Arena/Jumbuck?


Nissan Wingroad or one of the rebadged versions of it?


Iran Khodro Arisun


Aaah, correct :stuck_out_tongue: Even easier than I thought. Your turn :slight_smile:

And BTW, a bit about that car - it’s based on the Peugeot Roa. And what is Peugeot Roa? Well, a frankencar conceived in Iran against Peugeot’s will, 405’s body on Paykan’s chassis. And what is Paykan, you may ask then? Licensed version of Hillman Hunter, obviously made for way too long time. So, Iran Khodro Arisun is a 50-year old British chassis modified by Iranians (Persians?) with a too wide 30-year old Peugeot body cut in half, all made currently without much thought given to licences or drivability :smile:




I was thinking the DeTomaso Pantera for this, but the whole vent system behind the windows is totally different.

It definitely looks like a classic Italian sports/supercar.

Edit: After some searching, I believe it is a DeTomaso. The Mangusta to be exact.


Yup, it’s a Mangusta. Figured it might end up being too easy.

Truly as beautiful as it is rare.


The Mangusta is definitely a beautiful car. The whole window arrangement is very similar between the Pantera and Mangusta, which is what initially threw me into thinking it was the former.

Now for my turn.



Chevy Venture?


I’d go with the less obvious Opel/Vauxhall Sintra based on the wheels.


@thecarlover is right. Thought it might be a bit more obscure.

Here’s the full image.

Considering he’s just done one, I’m not sure how it would work and if he gets to go again.


Just posting an easy one for someon else to guess. You get a full car that should be enough of a hint to track it down:

Not looking for the base car here (that’s too easy), but the tuning company and model.


Trans Am Depot Firebird Extreme Performance Package.

It was a Camaro at some point in its life.


Trans Am Worldwide SE Bandit