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The "guess-what-car" game


You got the company, but that’s not the model. Try harder, the answer’s obvious.


Is that one of the Bandit Trans Ams? Or a Hurst? Other than that, I’m stumped.


Just Trans Am Depot Trans Am does it, your turn.


Alright, here’s one for you all. It’s a car I’d seriously consider buying on the used market.



Lexus LS400


Correct, good sir. Your turn.


Idk if this is easy or not



Cadillac Starlight by Pininfarina?


You got it


Totally unrelated, have you seen the Iranian pseudo-modern Renault 5 based on the Kia Pride? The new version is hilarious, I want it so much.




Fiat Mobi, quite a common sight for me. :joy:


Aye, that it is



A hint: it was a car built in one South American country only.


That much is clear by its looks :stuck_out_tongue:

IKA Lutteral Comahue (or IKA Torino Lutteral Comahue?)


@szafirowy01 That was way faster than I thought it would be.

Your turn.


you underestimate how good people are at finding things, and how boring our lives otherwise are :wink:



It looks pretty heavily ritmo based but I have no idea past that?