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The "guess-what-car" game


You’re both very much right and completely wrong :stuck_out_tongue:




Any Fiat That’s a hard one!


looks eastern european


It’s the FSO/PIMOT built Analog 1,2 prototype


Fcuk! How? That was supposed to be hard. I guess I gave away too much info in my comment about being Ritmo related.

Errrm, I mean, congrats, your turn :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, I actually immediately though of FSO and looked around a bit, but didn’t immedaitely find it.


I feel like this could be really hard or really easy no inbetween



Fiat 500L


No but there’s a perfect explanation why you’d think that

EDIT: To be a bit more fair I updated the pic to be juust a bit wider, hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass with an immediate right answer


It would look very much like a Fiat except the bonnet line doesn’t match. It has to be some kind of licenced thing… stumped.


Daihatsu Copen?


The new Copen does not have round lights anymore :thinking: I was thinking of a fiat concept but no :c


Yeah not a Copen of any generation, and not a Fiat concept


Daihatsu Cast?


No, not japanese but thanks for introducing me to the Cast, what a cute car


Is it Hindu?


If by Hindu you mean is it from the Indian subcontinent? No it’s not.


I think he’s asking if it’s Indian


So Japanese kei car is out, it’s not an Indian supermini, I couldn’t find anything on the Chinese knock-off market either. Couldn’t find any kit cars using 500 donor parts and even checked part compatibility on eBay listings for headlights to see if there is another car they are made to fit.

I don’t even.