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The "guess-what-car" game


Tip: Not only does it have the headlights out of a Fiat 500, it’s interior is almost completely from an Opel Adam


Is it at all European?


I’m totally stumped. It makes sense: Opel Adam interior and Fiat headlights, because of the GM Fiat Small Platform, but there’s no car to match…


Yeah that’s what I thought - checked the GM group, even PSA but coming up short. Leaning towards a one-off concept at this point.


Lifan 320?


I though it was the lifan but it’s not the same fog lights :confused:


Wait, the new one is Lifan 330… so maybe some variation of that?


It doesn’t have the round foglights either :c


@JohnWaldock Yes, it’s European

@MasterDoggo @thecarlover Not Asian, not a Lifan

@GROOV3ST3R Not a one-off concept; while the car hasn’t entered mass production, several instances of the car have been built with the plan of soon entering small scale production.


Closest I’ve come is the Microcar Dué…


Bellier B8 Série C? That’s the closest car I can think off.


major longshot, but Trabant nT?


FSO Syrena?

Edit: or Vosco S106


That’s it! The Vosco!


Very nice, I asked some friends and we couldn’t find it haha. Didn’t know anything about this car :slight_smile:


Ye you guys figured it out already but yep it’s the Vosco, @partario It’s your turn


ez 1


Wartburg 311/312




FSO Syrena 105?