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The "guess-what-car" game


Clue time

It’s quite a big truck, with a cab over 2 m wide (wider than an F-150 of its time, note the three headrests)


Was it made in Russia?






The company that built this is based in a different country, but it’s fair to say this vehicle has a bit of Italian in it.




Nah, not a Tofas


It’s not from Europe.


Weird American car?


Chinese car?


It’s neither.


Its 2.8l Diesel engine and 5 speed manual transmission are both sourced from Iveco.




RD28 engine?


Nope, it’s a later variant of the Sofim 8140 family.


Last night I spent an actual hour trying to find any sort of vehicle with the info you gave us (which by the “guess-what-car game” standards is a lot) and I couldn’t find the vehicle.


I’ll give a more useful clue: it’s from Libya


I just spent another twenty minutes and I still can’t find it, lol.


You’re not alone. I have to stay up all night for a sleep-brainwave exam in the morning (let’s hope I don’t have epilepsy or a brain tumour) so I naturally have a lot of time on my hands rn but still no clue. I even figured out that polish concept car from the 80’s or whatever and this one is just impossible for me.


Fine, I’ll make it easier.

The company that made it can be found here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_companies_of_Libya

This pickuo is their only original design, they normally built Ivecos under licence.