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The "guess-what-car" game


T&BC Pick-up 2 Porte


You got it


I’ve never tried so hard before. You almost had to tell us what the company’s actual name was so we could keep going lol.


A hint: It uses basically the same engine as the Tatra 87 but with slight modifications for an output of 116 hp.


Institec Justicialista V8?


You almost got it, but not exactly, it’s a one-off from the same company and its actual name is three words longer.

I know you can do it haha.


IAME Justicalista Gran Sport V8 Coupe


@JohnWaldock that’s the exact name of the vehicle.

Although, if you don’t mind, I’d rather give it to @vmo because he was reaaally close to getting it, even with a car being such an obscure one (remember, it’s a one-off prototype) and with so little info given by me. And also because you won a few rounds ago in here, and it would be nice to let another one participate, just to get more variety into the mix. If you don’t agree with me and, if what I’m proposing goes against the rules, you’re good to continue the game.


go ahead, i was just mopping up :grin:


Time to hijack this thread again :sweat_smile:



ok i really hope someone figures out what that is because i love how it looks


Custoka Strato


As far as I know, it’s Custoca, correct me if I’m wrong.


both spellings are fine according to wikipedia


Thank you, i had t known.


Correct, thats your turn then




Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6


I’m gonna cover all bases in the event it’s a Scimitar GTC, not that you can tell really.


true. the SE8 was just a GTE that got the Robespierre Haircut