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The "guess-what-car" game


Time to hijack this thread again…


that might be a little excessive. IMO a door trim isn’t a definable feature.


That door panel is from Range Rover P38 (99-02)


That was quick. Your turn :slight_smile:

@JohnWaldock see, someone knew it right away, so I suppose it wasn´t too hard :wink:


true enough, but interior and trim pieces are usually a no-go because it tends to be a “if you know, you know, and if you don’t you have no chance” deal.



Talbot Solara (or Chrysler 150)


Not quite, but that was so close that i’ll let you pass. (The correct Answer was Talbot 1510/Simca 1307, but only difference is a slightly different bodystyle)

Your turn! :smile:


Don’t know if anyone’s gonna hate me for bringing this back, but I was curious to see how common this car is elsewhere. Anyone got it? :wink:





Quite possibly yes :thinking:


Toyota Mark X?


Ding ding ding!

I just discovered it and am kinda intrigued by its design. Especially in the mid 2000’s with it’s weird 3 bubble headlights. I kinda like it. And it’s RWD with a GR engine so, naturally, nut.

Your turn!


It’s not a Lambo.






DeTomaso Ghepardo





I don’t think I’m correct but, Prince Skyline?