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The "guess-what-car" game


On the right track


That gonna be a Big-M Van. Made by Thairung.


Correct! Yeah, it’s tricky since they seemed to change the tailgate style on different versions but it should look like this in better condition.

Your turn!


I’m afraid I cannot post anything atm. Just that its gonna take other a loooooong time to figure that one out.

Free for all this round.


Assuming free for all meaning anybody can snatch the turn:


Here’s a relatively easy one:


Peugeot Partner pickup?


Dacia Logan Pickup? The rear lights aren’t convincing me though


Ah, I got it. It’s a Dacia Dokker Pick-up, by Focaccia.





'60s Rambler American?



Hint time: It’s from one of the Big Three


Chevy 150?


Close, but I need something more specific. That’s a whole lineup of cars.

Hint: it’s a rare one


Chevy 150 Handyman?


Nope, that’s it not it either. I guess the hint can be… it’s very close?


Is it a Two-Ten Handyman?


I think it’s the 210 yeah, Crash is right


Well, if I win, it can be a free round since I won’t be able to pick the next car.


Nope, it’s not a Handyman at all. It is in the 150 range, but it’s the rarest variant.

Been away on vacation, sorry for the late response and hint :sweat_smile: