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The "guess-what-car" game


Breguet A2


Yep, @SideswipeBL got it!


Not sure why this is an album but just uploading the file didn’t work for some reason, so I had to upload it somewhere.
Also if this isn’t enough of the car I’ll gladly post a better pic of it.


Is that a Porsche?



EDIT: Clue, it’s Italian and there’s only one of it.

EDIT 2: Two more clues, since I forgot yesterday, it’s a concept car from the Turin Auto Show and has the engine from a Lancia Delta Integrale.
Here’s another pic of the rear (uploading actually worked this time yay)

EDIT 3: Clue, it’s an Abarth, and also here’s an even better picture


Abarth Stola Monotipo Concept?


Yes, there we go!




Seat Concept T?


You’re 100% correct there - Defiantly the concept T


Correct! Sorry for not announcing it earlier :sweat_smile:


This might be a mighty quick round…



mazda cosmo sport?


You got it :+1:


Before I see one IRL, I’ve never heard about it!


Marland BSH?


That’s not the exact name but I guess it’s ok!
It is the BSH coupé.
I’m curious to know how do you know this car? I’ve never heard of it before this summer lol 25 of them have been sold oof


i don’t know what it is but i want to know


This is a Nissan Murano Crosscabriolet/Convertible turned into a donk lol


I expected something american

Its so ugly i love it.