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The "guess-what-car" game


Alfa Romeo 4C Spider? Is this a trick question?
Edit: just realized that it is
Edit 2: Tauro V8?


@SideswipeBL Tauro V8 (Spider) it is.

Your turn.


This might get solved faster than the Tauro, but here goes


Castagna Aznom?





This is one of them where it’s not what it immediately looks like isn’t it?


It may look like that one model from that British brand, but it isn’t.


The kink at the back of the door had me going, I even had it typed out - just enough little things to put me off when I actually paid attention.


Just to give you (and everyone else) a little hint. The coupé it’s based on, started production 4 years before that British sportscar.


Is it European? (I’m guessing yes).


Yes, it is.

EDIT: About what I said above, what I meant with “The coupé it’s based on, started […]” actually was: “The coupé version started production 4 years before […]”.


Is it a Triumph?



Another hint: Think southern.


Allow me to… ummm… reveal something

Also this pretty much looks like a TR4


That “triumph.jpg” was totally on purpose, because it looks really similar to the TR4, but it wasn’t even built in the UK.

I repeat, it’s not a Triumph.


Is it a Fiat?


It is definitely not a Fiat.

Focus your search on the higher end car manufacturers spectrum.


Ferrari 400 Superamerica Cabriolet?

Looked close to the ferrari in Ferris Bueller :stuck_out_tongue:


It is not. Although I have to admit that they look really similar.