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The "guess-what-car" game


Nope, its a track/sports car.


Mosler Consulier?


Consulier GTP?


If I had to say the GTP part to win then big oof, but I found the exact image :))


Man, I googled my brains out and when I finally found what car it was I came here and yote my guess. Then I saw yours and was like: “well, I might have lost but it’s worth nothing deleting it now”.

Still, I think your answer should be correct. Since as far as I’m concerned Consulier didn’t make more than one model.


Yep thats close enough for me, your turn :slight_smile:



Too little car, or have y’all got it? :smirk:


Not entirely true - its creator, Warren Mosler, went on to evolve the line for decades after the GTP was launched, but it wasn’t until the 2001 Mosler MT900 that he got the aesthetics spot-on.


Chevy Nomad?


Not quite! On the right path though, with that era of American wagons.


1956 Plymouth Plainsman Concept


I’ll give it to ya, I thought it was a Chrysler but they’re all the same. Your go!



This looks like a C8 Corvette, judging by the shape of the wing mirrors.


Acura/Honda NSX?


The passenger wing mirror is the same length as the driver’s though, definitely not a C8.


Yup, it’s an NSX. Your turn.




Acura MDX?


Hyundai Veracruz/ix55

Recognizing my family’s car shouldn’t be too hard :wink: