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The "guess-what-car" game


after a couple of hours searching
Is it an Emelba 7?


Emelba 7 it is, a small 7 seater based on the Seat Ibiza. Plans for getting it into production were halted when Seat was taken over by VAG.



Huh, what an obscure thing



Nobe 100 EV


7 minutes, that’s a new record for me lol


It might be obscure to many, but I’m familiar with it. I love that little thing.



Is it a Triumph?




Give me a country is it US?


No hints until it’s been posted for 24 hours. Keep guessing.


is it a chevy?


Hmm kinda looks like a Talbot-Lago at a glance but I don’t think that’s it


Nope x2. Better to mention models specifically as well, where’s the fun in getting entire brands checked off at once? :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally i thought it was a Morgan or Austin-Healey but i can’t find something that matches


oh uh you didn’t have to say if it was a talbot or not :wink: , just thinking aloud. This one is pretty tough


Time for a hint. It’s from the 1940s.


Forgot about this since nobody made any guesses.

The car is from mainland Europe.


Delahaye Type 175 Drophead Coupé?


Yup, that’s the one.