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The "guess-what-car" game



An old rolls Royce?


I’ll no longer answer to that format. Try brand and model.


A hint: It was built from the late 30s to really early 40s.


BMW 321?


It’s a BMW 326 but, since there are no discernible aesthetic differences, save for a shorter wheelbase in the case of the 321, I’ll take that as correct.

Your turn.




Pontiac 6000?




It’s a sexy beast but I don’t have anything prepped to respond with and will forget, so don’t want to post.

Will trade answer for Toyota parts.


1989 Eagle premier?


That’s the one


I have a question. Whats the definition of google image searching?


you can go to the images section and drag a picture from somewhere put it in a box and it tries to recognise what it is in the picture then it searches what it sees


I see. Thanks… :slight_smile:


Um, I’m going to hand it over to partario as I recall I can hand over the permission to post the next pic to anyone I want… So… There you go? Sorry I’m very new posting on the forums and I need to get used to the rules and image configuration and size stuff…



Proton Preve