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The "guess-what-car" game


You’re right!


This one should be easier? maybe?

The brand logo is even in the image, but the model is more what is to guess.


Ooook yes, randomtuner you’d have got away with it if you hadn’t admitted to it (and it wasn’t for those meddling kids etc etc).

Technically titleguy1 is in turn here because it went long enough for there to be a correct guess at least, sorry jandj, but you can decide amongst yourselves how you want that to go anyway.

(That said, nice 8 series)


And since 850 would be too easy, I’m guessing an 840Ci.


I’m not up enough on BMWs to know if there are any visible differences there but I’ll go 850insertlettersherei for the sake of balance.


At the risk of having made an incorrect decision, I’m just gonna post my photo I think. Should also be a pretty easy guess.


Merc S class coupe?

Edit: after searching further it might be an E class coupe?


E class coupe is correct



Here we go


Daihatsu Copen concept?


You’re close, but no its not


Hint #1, it was a concept unveiled at the tokyo motor show in the early 90s


Daihatsu Personal Coupe (It does look like an early copen but the copen concept was something else)


Correct, your turn


Another obscure supercar so I can be pretty liberal with the hints.



Porsche Tapiro?




Hint: It’s German


It is one of many prototypes the company made, but never made it to production.


Any chance it’s one of the many Mercedes C111 concepts?