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The "guess-what-car" game


it looks very similar to the fiat dino dont it?


I guess it does a little, in that it’s from the same era and is a coupé styled in a similar vein. The angle makes the similarity more than it is though.


the thing that is frustrating me is that i know i have seen that sodding thing before… i just dont know where…


Monteverdi 375

Edit: 375 L to be specific


Nice, i was thinking it was a coachbuilt Challenger but it looked off


Pretty much only know it because I put the 375/4 here almost exactly 3 months ago :wink:


Ah see you’ve ruined my chance to be an arse now and ask for the exact spec.

Your go.


a Monteverdi eh? should have known it would be irritatingly obscure… good idea though!


Here we go again


Edit: You must include the generation/year as well with this one


looks like 70s American to me


You’re somewhat close


Holden HG Brougham?


Correct, that was quicker than i expected :sweat_smile:


so it is slow boring cheap austrailian scrap metal;?



Anyway, looking for a specific trim on this one so don’t try and narrow it down by company/model first. :wink:



Aston Martin Vantage V600 Le Mans?


Nailed it, good job. (Was it the color that gave it away? :stuck_out_tongue: )




Can you please make serious guess and not just go “riced civic”

Btw, that holden is miles better than anything made by bl


the colour of that aston does seem like one someone would put on their crummy little hatchback to make it seem cool, and BMC/BL/ARG/RG/MGR made some brilliant machines back in the day