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The "guess-what-car" game


and alot of them sold very well


BL was always shit tbh


in what way ? it and its predecessors/sucessors were brilliant


“Brilliant” is hardly representative, bl was plagued by quality issues and horrible reliability, so it’s not really true to call them “brilliant”


Because is one of my favourite cars. So, I know well.


Obviously the pic I posted had a unique enough feature for it to be guessed that quickly. That color was a callback to a Le Mans winning race car from the 50s. Lets keep the game going and not start a discord style “this manufacturer is better” argument.


Is thank you to refer to BL to BMC->MGR i am the proud owner of something built by the lads at longbridge thank you very much


You can’t even remember why you got banned from Discord but we get a pretty good idea already.


im sure it was a different reason…


tfw you call an aston martin a “riced out civic” and then try to explain that BL was good


i didnt know it was an aston… the colour was misleading



some kind of 1980s Audi is my guess



Gotta be that Nissan/Autech Stelvio Zagato thing with the mirrors there?


i believe you are correct on that one my dude


Yep. The Autech Stelvio Zagato. Based on the Leopard F31.

You’re next.


can i get a link to some info on this automobile?


Google maybe


Excellent, was fairly certain - posted it in here a few years ago after seeing one at an import dealer near me, took him years to sell it. Absolutely weird thing, seem to be remember it being based on the Laurel?

I’ll post up soon.


some one near where i live has a datsun/nissan Laurel, Cracking car it is-