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The "guess-what-car" game


Yeah. Laurel or Leopard. I don’t remember well


I’ve got one but I dunno if I will get the chance to post it…


@Fletchyboy100 Technically, you (and anyone) are absolutely allowed to post a car for the populus to guess, since @adamd won but didn’t make a post in the timelapse between him being confirmed as a winner and the 48 hours after that.

I don’t know if that’s what you’re on about, but I guess remembering the rules could help if that’s the case.


I got one , id like to know the Make and Model of this , and im being quite generous with this one


Rover metro


Hey I’ve been away for a few days, things happen.

Rover 114 GTa/some form of GSi, and if it isn’t you’re cheating and have put posh alloys on an Ascot SE or something.


got it in one but the posh alloys ARE on an ascot SE and were fitted as an option on this particular car


technically @DukeOFhazards got it wrong and because im nice i will over look the fact that @adamd said it was a 114 when its a 111 ascot SE AND TECHNICALY got it right because the ascot se was mentioned in the post


Not really, this car IS a rover metro and is visually identical to one, whatever it is. I didnt get the trim though


ahhh no you got it wrong, it aint a rover METRO, its a rover 100 series


I’m not starting the argument or letting it carry on so you can have it, as you’ll probably post quicker than me - but in his defence, it is visually different in that picture to a Metro.


The 1990 metro and 1995 100 series have different faces


Sorry if i sounded a bit rude there, didnt mean any offence. What i meant was the difference between the 100 and the metro are so small they are very very hard to tell apart unless you are a distinguished rover enthusiast. They are the same platform and i have only ever called it the metro. sorry
Anyway, this should be quick


ford gt40




a lancia of some sort?




a TVR?


no, it comes from a slightly more “daily” car make


can i ask what country?