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The "guess-what-car" game


i wont say yet, but i will say its not from europe


a datsun/nissan perhaps?


can you at least say if it is a road car or not?


mazda rx-500


Correct. It is sorta a road car, a working prototype let’s say


Hopefully this can provide a bit of a challenge.


Ferrari 348 Elaborazione (sorry i happen to have seen it recently, good pick though)


Right, well that was swift. Your turn!



Ok this one mightve been done before


ima guess a MK3 ford cortina


I can’t shake the thought that it’s some kind of AMC, I’m pretty sure it is american though

Edit: I’m pretty sure it’s a AMC/Rambler Matador X Coupe


you might be right on that dude… shit


you got it


Here’s mine, quite an easy one if you know what I was doing last night (the people of discord have a better chance)


I think you jumped the gun a bit there, it’s only been 8 hours


Okay, here’s the actual car



Proton Perdana?




Some Chinese car I presume?


You’re gonna need to be a bit more specific than that