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The "guess-what-car" game




Honda accord?




1980s Toyota Chaser / Cressida / Cresta?


I’m picking up Subaru Leone vibes, but I can’t see one that looks quite the same.


I was thinking Subaru but I couldn’t find one either… headlights matched but grille and bumper didn’t.


1980s Toyota OK but neither Chaser, nor Cressida, nor Cresta…


Toyota Carina/Corona?




Toyota Crown? (If I were to guess, Third gen)




toyota Starlet 3 ,Tercel 2, Corolla 4 or 5, Camry MK1 (V10 designated model),?
or is it a Soarer?


The game is guess one at a time.


Tell that to other people. Im not the only one who does this. but yeah i do see your point. at least it was all in one message rather than clogging the thread


I’m gonna be a pedant and guess Soarer 2800GT?

I think what he was getting at was that other multiple guesses were of the same car/sister cars, or just a couple, rather than outright guessing 4 at once.

I’ll be more pedantic, Soarer 2800GT-Extra?


82’-87’ T140 Toyota Corona?


Yep! Toyota Soarer 2800 GT MZ11.


Well, you literally are the resident Toyota connoisseur :stuck_out_tongue:


Had a 50/50 chance of something really annoying for you all here, decided to save it for later and not be annoying.


Arrinera Hussarya GT