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The "guess-what-car" game


You want clues or is this enough to go on? This will either be awkward or guessed immediately.


Toyota Tarago?


Nah but sort of warm.

In the same way people call a chicken korma “warm”


Mazda miata? I’m talking outa my behing rn


Nah but the engine is the same way round - captain obvious at your service.


Hmm, 6 cylinders and RWD

Definitely a Triumph GT6


We’re still firmly in korma territory at this point.


Are we talking a korma from a takeaway or a korma from the ready meal section of Asda?


Right slightly warmer hint, it’s a popular meme car.


Automatic transmission?


No I believe this one’s a manual but you could certainly get either.


Honestly at this point I’m not sure what other clues to give without saying it outright :sweat_smile:

Toyota, RWD, 6 cylinder, features in memes - surely that’s enough? This is how it’s gotten because you never see one of these in a normal car’s state anymore, just mega shiny underbonnet.

Also please do the meme whoever gets it, please, brighten our collective days.


Toyota Supra A80?


No sorry, the answer I was looking for was “Is that a Supra?!”

Yes, the lesser spotted less shiny looking engine of an N/A 2JZ Mk4 Supra.


Toyota Soarer Z30?


Er no it’s a Mk4 Supra as I said above - @Arn38fr was correct.



Renault Alpine A310?


Matra Bagheera - late one


Yes, you’re right!