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The "guess-what-car" game



It won’t google but it will, if you know what I mean.


Those headlights are giving me serious Fiat Panda vibes… Fiat Panda Van of sorts?


Well there’s some Panda in it yeah but no, it is not a Panda Van. This is a Panda van:


So I did some digging around with various different versions of the Panda, leading me to some peculiar iterations/concepts of it and I eventually found out what it is. Took me 20 mins to figure it out.

It’s a Seat Emelba Chato, based on the Panda, later to become the Emelba 903


Yes, based on the Seat Panda no less, before they’d gone with the whole, name everything after spanish places and brought out the Marbella.


I’ll start with this and see if anyone gets it



Lamborghini Jalpa


Welp, didn’t think there’d be another classic, obscure exotic car nerd around here. Tag, you’re it!


Alright! Here’s next…


MG Xpower SV/SVR


Woah! I didn’t expect it to be this fast. This is indeed correct.

Your turn next!




Subaru R1?




Next one:



1972 Chrysler Valiant?


Yes, so it must be your turn.


Alrighty then


Honda e