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The "guess-what-car" game


I was thinking seat Ibiza but I don’t know any with those wing mirrors


Kia Forte Koup?


That’s the one.




Bedford Beagle


That was fast :sweat_smile:

in all its glory


I mistook one for a Hillman Husky from a distance at a show years ago and the owner happened to be near me and gave it the “Er! It’s a Bedford Beagle actually!” so it’s stuck with me.

Will post up soon.


I haven’t got time to do a proper usual ShittyShop job of this, sorry:

Bonus internet points awarded if you know where I was when I took the picture. Brand is there deliberately.


Citroën Osmose at conservatoire Citroen-DS (Aulnay sous Bois - France)


2008 white chain, most likely purchased from an industrial place with a credit card


Yes it’s a bloody wonderful place - there was talk of it moving but I think it’s still there, it’s not open to the public but if you get chance to get yourself in somehow go for it.

Your go.


Let’s go!


Mazda Persona


Yes, alias Eunos 300.


Oooops, that’s a bit late, sorry :innocent:


Enjoy my amazing Paint skills.


America, that’s the hint.


It’s not the Packard Twelve concept is it?


It is not indeed.


Could it be a modified car? The headlights and the wing shape look like a modified Acura Integra…


It’s unmodified.