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The "guess-what-car" game


Maybe @MGR_99 could have a try?



Should be easy.


Not that easy…

Looks like RHD because of the lack of rear view mirror

The chrome strip on the wing is a bit weird

Looks like a fin on rear quarter

The rear window looks like the rear window of 60’s Mercedes coupés.


NSU Prinz?




Looks like a Chrysler 300D


Yepp. Year? (for bragging rights)


The 300D was on year only, 1958. I noticed the slight bit of tail fin and that gave it away, I was thinking it was European at first.

Anyways, next car. I want the ‘trim’ for this one as well.


VW Golf Alltrack?


Volvo V40 Cross Country?


fuck the one time I thought of the correct car I dont post.

Erm, is it an audi?


That’s the one. Your turn.




Ah, I knew it looked Korean.

It’s a Hyundai Entourage, a rebadged Kia Carnival.


Absolutely, you got it.


Let’s try this one.



A rust bucket?


Welp, it would seem like I gave too little info?


Maybe this will help…?


A Volvo 140?


It is not a Scandinavian automobile.