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The "guess-what-car" game




Buick Riviera




Looks like an Oldsmobile 88


Continental mk4?




some random shitbox, might be very easy


jeep cherokee?


na uh


Dodge Nitro?




Somewhat known Modified Vehicle.


One of the modern versions of the never ending 70 series Land Cruiser?


It’s a 70 alright…
Which modified 70 it it though?


Patriot Campers Mega Tourer 6x6




Lazy one because I forgot and it’s 1am:

It’s not what you think, and this is one of the car’s two main definining features - to the point where you don’t really need to see any more of it to get it. If that photo isn’t clear because reflection, RTC 24h delivery and a phone number, although I’m not sure what this will have delivered beyond smiles.

Edit: Removed the phone number because easily google’able, and that’s no fun.


Clue 1: A definite sleeper. No question.


Is it that prototype mid engine MG Metro?


I mean you’re that close it’s daft saying no, it is a Metro but just a boggo Austin by all appearances, the pizza delivery van. It was one of the test mules for the MGF, not a production mid engine Metro (although many would argue very little difference). I bet it was a good laugh at the time, must have gone like shit off a shovel.