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The "guess-what-car" game


Isuzu Minx?


Not that either


Subaru 1500?




Let’s see how this one goes


Fiat Dino?




Monteverdi 375 L HS


yes indeed. Good job!


If you know this one, you are a real connoisseur


Marden Extra?


Wait wait wait, what happened here? @Mythrin got the car right, so he should post the next one or decide not to. @ZoomZoomer32


Whoops yes, I missed that. That’s indeed the case.

Should he pass up it’s also better to leave it to someone else to post a car instead of playing two turns.


Sorry man. I didn’t know that. Good to know




I cannot think of a decent challenge right now, so I will pass onto whoever has not just had a turn.


In that case, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Here’s what I was going to post about a week ago.



VLF Force 1


My favourite Henrik Fisker design. Correct, @phale


Alright guys, let’s try a round of guess the photoshop!

You get to see the whole car, but I have photoshopped it in my usual style to disguise its proportions. Only one car was used in this photoshop, and only the proportions have been changed.