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The "guess-what-car" game


Tatra T603A?


That’s a good guess! You’re in the right direction :wink:


Shit, I see it now, it’s the Holden Corvair.

I knew something was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it.


You got it! Fascinating car.

Pretty cool that you went straight to guessing a rear-engined car. I was hoping that my photoshop would trick people to think it was front-engined :sweat_smile:


The tip off was the rear doors being entirely in front of the arches without the back seat being set far back.

Anyways, here’s the next one:


Pontiac GTO?




First hint: it’s American.


Lincoln Mk VIII?


That’s the one




Peugeot 403?





might need a bigger pic for this one (also dont need an exact answer here)


I doubt it but just to get it out of the way… C2 Corvette?


A Fiat Dino


Yeah good to get that one out of the way :stuck_out_tongue: only 14 hours in but I’ll give a hint, it is American.


I’ll throw a Studebaker Hawk in, knowing it’s wrong


Neat guess but nope