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The "guess-what-car" game


2015 Opel/Vauxhall Astra?




First time for everything, I’m going to try to recreate this in Automation and see if it rings any bells


It’s a car that nobody guessed yet. A hint please?




Holden Commodore?




It looks like a Cruze, actually
EDIT: If you’re looking for specifics, it looks like an American model (pre and post facelift for the 2nd generation seem to have the same headlights, and I’m not American so I couldn’t just go outside, find one and tell you)


Nope, it’s not a chevy


Vauxhall Ampera?


Not that either
Hint: It is not a GM product


Looks like a Toyota of some sorts? A Camry maybe?




Honda Civic?




Maxus G10

I think Chinese market cars are unknown enough you can use larger photos and still give people something tough.


Or LDV G10

I thought it will be easier to guess because it is sold in parts of Europe and Australia under the LDV name.




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You need to guess correctly in the current round (my pic above) before having your turn.