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The "guess-what-car" game




Datsun 120Y?




Daf 66 Marathon (I believe the coupes called Marathon where the only one with that stripe?)


Yes! Also known as the Volvo 66 in the later years, i have a scale model of one in my room


So it’s my turn now to post a picture? (never joined on this, so I’m not sure what the rules are)


You got it, so you can, yes.


Someone will probably immediately recognize it, but we’ll see.



Suzuki XL7?


Yes, correct in one guess. It is a really unusual car here in Europe, but I guess it’s more common in other continents.




Am I allowed to immediately guess again? As I know the car


Go for it.


got to the first post, you can find all the rules there


Ah, thanks. So the car is a 2nd gen Nissan Prairie





As I haven’t seen any replies yet I’ll add another part of the picture. Hope it doesn’t make it too easy.


Don’t worry, that doesn’t make it any easier.


In that case, let me show some more of this beauty: