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The Hunt For A Star Car! - Blurred Vision [UE4 - Completed]


Uh, you’ll wanna PM the Exports to titleguy1, not post them here


MB, i’ll PM him :slight_smile:


Pretty sure that the stunt variant should look exactly like the beauty car. It would be picked up by movie nerds if they are different!


I think I did not understood something: do we have to submit 2 trims per car, 1 for beauty and 1 for stunt?


Yes, but my understanding is that the cars should look the same.

My cars look identical but the internals are different. My Mason GT car has a smaller engine and less technical gadgetry than the stunt version. Same with the Sasha Cerberus that I entered further up.


Oh, ok then, I’ll make them looks identical.


1985 Isami Reaver S50 Concept

Not a whole lot of entries for the main protagonist yet, so here’s something. The Isami Reaver S50 Concept is a heavily tuned version of the recently released and futuristic-looking S45. Sporting a newly developed 2.5L Inline-6 turbo, Sasha’s modified Reaver produces 268 hp and can reach over 150 mph. Weighing just under 2,650 lbs, it is light on it’s feet, lapping the Airfield track in 1:24.76. The 2+2 seating arrangement allows some room for supporting characters to tag along. No compromises were made in the powertrain of the stunt trim, and it is a little faster thanks to the weight shed from the interior. This powerful car is costs $18,406 with 0% markup and $14,227 for the stunt trim.


Quick question.

For the Stunt trim, does the ET and PU limitation apply to just the trim or combined with the engine?


1985 Ausud XRC1 Concept

In a world where everything inside a vehicle just “works”, the XRC1 (short for eXperimental Rear-engined Convertible 1) does it better. Powered by the now-fuel-injected Hellevuur V6 engine, it is also fitted with comfortable air suspensions, automatic headlight covers, a patented automatic folding roof, digital dashboard, and many more features that we could cram inside.

Be the future.

The Stunt trim starts from $13,617.


btw is an ‘ad’ mandatory?


I doubt it, that’d be stated in the rules, right?


TPU Vulcan mk. I Turbo

This is a sporty-ish pickup (That doesnt look like a cute teddy bear (see the only pickup posted before this)), this might have been inspired by the GMC syclone.

3.6L Turbo v6 under the hood makes 410hp .
0-100kmh; 4.70s
80-120kmh; 2.77s
1/4 mile; 13.15s
top speed; 227kmh

(note: Side exhaust)


Komodo Saftere

Front end. not so great shot

3L i6
187kW & 277Nm
0-60 6.3s
Cornering G’s 1.07
5 Speed manual Via a Limited Slip Differential

now to the cringy stuff

“Extra FEATURES” include

Oil Trap pipe

Smoke Producer


Pop-Out Long Distance High Intensity Fog Lamp

Satelite Navigation System

or well… the antenna


The Actual Exhaust


1983 RCM Laurier Interceptor

The police could use a genuine police spec car. Department features and colour scheme made to order.


You have made a beefed up Syclone.


Hey guys, I forgot to close this. So yeah, it’s closed. Unfortunately I planned this out very poorly as I’ll be super busy in the next week. I’ll try to get at least finalists done by the end of the week.

Thanks for your participation!


Hey, I was going through the cars and I realized that a lot of them didn’t comply with the original ruleset. It’s not your fault, but rather that of the recent updates. I’ll be providing a $500 and 1 ET leeway for all the participants, and any engine knocking will be removed by reducing the Ignition Timing.

Thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience!


Not pushing…it’s more of a gentle nudge. :smiley:


A nudge that happens to be during the (second) busiest week of this school quarter :sweat_smile: I can’t promise anything but this weekend hopefully I’ll be able to put out at least 5 categorical reviews.


Here are the first batch of reviews.

Time - 07:00 - Clover Locke begin her day with a black coffee and a hard-boiled egg. Soon after, she arrives at the lot; a Hollywood Studio lot littered with buildings meant to film cars. All the cars are tested in the back at the pad. She reviews her cars, beginning at 08:30…

Heist Vehicles

Leviathan Nessus Concept

Damn, this is the only car which was offered for the heist class; what a shame. Actually, it probably isn’t a shame; look at the freakin thing! It’s a bitchin’ and badass thing if I’ve ever seen one. Looks like a million-god-damned-bucks if ya ask me. Not only that, but it sounds rad; I haven’t even heard Ferrari’s which sound that great. My test drivers told me that the Nessus is surprisingly controllable despite the RWD layout, with minimal snap oversteer and lots of grip and power. From experience I can definitely say that shit’s good, but we won’t disclose that. For a lone entry, this gets a full pass from my crew and me.

Winner - Leviathan Nessus Concept
The Nessus was the only entry, but it manages to impress with its sharp styling and dramatic antics.

Police Vehicles

1983 RCM Laurier Interceptor

Well, it’s your typical police car. Looks fairly modern if you ask me; more so than the other police vehicles. I think it’s been in usage for about two years? Surprising, considering the modern styling and all. It’s pretty quick too apparently, 238 rampaging horses is nothing to scoff at. From the demonstrations, the Laurier seems to really hold it’s own with chases; the body was very well controlled and those drifts out in the lot were totally sick. It only costs $12,500 for each stunt vehicle, too? Damn, I think we’re going to have to pick up a few of these. Let’s see what else we’ve got in store for us…

1981 Petoskey Gran Romero

Oh, now we’re looking at established police vehicles; maybe this could help us click with the audience more. Gran Romero’s are everywhere now after they began to phase out the old early 70’s Shromet’s… I’ve got to say, the typical Petoskey look isn’t pretty but works friggin’ well. I know the engine is pretty much indestructible and whatever, but after the powerfest that was the RCM 180 HP just seems underwhelming. It’s a lot of noise but not much go; granted, 180 is still respectable, but it just pales compared to the Laurier. In the lots, the Romero seems to just drift endlessly; the stuntmen had a hard time controlling it! It seemed to be very light, however, so that’s got to be good for jumps and stuff like that. All of this considered, and the Petoskey is still, like, $14,500. I think we should book it to the Integrator next…


Integrator. If only the car were as cool as the name; what a weird lookin’ thing. The angular rear, strange vents in the front, odd proportions… It’s weird. The interior only has 2 small, tight rear seats, which is also weird considering it’s a police vehicle. It’s not the average police car, and that permeates through the entire machine. The engine is a madhouse; 258 horsepower? Are they trying to kill the stunt drivers? It’s the lighter of the 3 police cars here too, so that’s proven to be a bit of a handful for a simple police car; it could be interesting. It is quick with the high power and low weight. The tires are pretty thin, too, at 185 section all-round. I don’t know, it’s really too oddly engineered to work for us.

Winner - 1983 RCM Laurier Interceptor
The Laurier really held its own here; a hugely powerful engine, solid handling and chassis, and low cost won our hearts over. It’s modern styling was a nice bonus.

Kintsugi Goonies

1985 Deer And Hunt SuperCoupe Turbo

Deer and Hunt? What a weird name for a car company. Hey, at least the styling is pretty ace. We love the squared off edges around the car, I think it lends itself to a really, like, stark look or something. The hood pins really help to accentuate those bad lines. It was easy to drive too, should be good for the stunts. The turbo V6 is a cool addition too, makes the car nice and quick which is good for the goons; the transmission is electronically controlled apparently which is kinda weird and new, I’m not sure what the reliability of that will be like. In terms of weight, it’s a really light car which might not be great for crashes and ramming but for stunts and jumps I think it’ll be just fine. As for the cost, it’s well under our budget which is good; we’re gonna need a lot of these for the movie. I guess we’re going to have to put this on the top of our list.


I first saw this and thought to myself “Jesus Christ.” My second time around? Not so bad. It’s weird for sure, but it’s bold and it’s brash. It’s also really, really expensive compared to the other cars; yeah, I know we’re only buying multiple stunt trims and not many of beauty trims, but goddamn. It’s really light too but has enough power to rocket it into the earth; is this what we’re really looking for? I don’t really think so. It’s just too much for lowly goonies; 480 HP is probably the highest figure we’re seeing which is just absolutely insane. We’re passing on this one.

Winner - 1985 Deer And Hunt SuperCoupe Turbo
The styling is pretty badass, it’s decently quick and easy to drive, and the cost is low.

Jared Sekai

Komodo Saftere

Woah, that’s one weird looking car. Look at all those weapons on it! That’s really awesome attention to detail. It’s got like machine guns, oil traps, fog lights, the whole shebang… It’s a shitload of car, especially with that huge spoiler. Not inconspicuous enough. Too bad the interior is so… Grim. There’s nothing on the inside of the car at all, no tech, no comfort, no nothing. Jared still has to scout places out, you know! He’s a quirky character but he’s still got to be able to lay low; I don’t think the car fits him well. Sorry about that, Komodo.

1985 Ausud XRC1 Concept

Now this may be a concept car, but my god is it a bad-lookin’ machine. Ausud did a really good job on sculpting that bod around. It’s fresh and clean but discreet and subtle; perfect for Jared, even if it’s still a little concept-y. Inside, I’m greeted with some great tech and digital dashboards and the whole lot; is that a touch-screen center? Rad. The choice of an automatic helps to solidify that high-tech feel. The layout is interesting; Rear engine, rear wheel drive has proven to be finicky in the past but a staggered tire setup combined with solid suspension tuning lets our stunt drivers to make magic with the chassis. It’s cheap as hell too; I think we’ve got our winner here. I don’t want to judge it so soon before we get our next contestant.

1985 JHW Imperator 6.5LX

Can these guys even take photos? Why’s it cut out slightly in the front? Oh, whatever. Doesn’t matter now. This is a fatass car; I mean, it’s just giant; it’s almost as big as our police vehicles! Inside, though, we can see where it went; the interior is glamorous to a new extreme. It’s filled with some crazy tech we’ve not seen on a new car. Despite that, it hides in with the boring cars on the street… Maybe a little too much. Honestly? I really just don’t think that Jared’s quick thinking and witty personality fits this kind of boring car for him. What a shame.

Winner - 1985 Ausud XRC1 Concept
It may be a concept car, but it’s filled with pretty good tech. Oh, and it looks super futuristic without being unreasonable. Rad.

Time - 18:00 - The stunt team retreats home. Cars are returned to their storage units, accountants are furiously writing checks, and Clover Locke puts down her notepad. She climbs into her Bonham Fleming, satisfied but exhausted, and drives home.

Yeah, I know. Timely as ever! Anyways, expect the final reviews done in a few days.