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The Hunt For A Star Car! - Blurred Vision [UE4 - Completed]


I think the beauty shot trims is supposed to be open as long as it’s not too expensive. It’s more about how well your car fits the character you are building for. I just wouldn’t go nuts on the quality sliders or anything.


I’d like to know more about Michael Mason. Where is he from? What’s his education? Military? If so, where was he stationed? Criminal record?


Leviathan Nessus Concept

Fast, futuristic, and full of new tech, the Nessus Concept Car from LMC is a perfect fit for the heist scene. The 3.9L V8 Twinturbo delivers 483 hp to all four wheels. The Nessus can reach 178 mph and will go 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds. The stunt trim nearly matches the straight line performance of the real thing for the movie. Its not just a glass cannon, with modern safety features, advanced aerodynamics, luxury interior, and adaptive air suspension to keep it firmly planted to the road. Jared Sekai will be drooling at the sight of this thing.


I entirely forgot to post this earlier, but I made a Playlist on Spotify With the Music from the Mood Room



Presenting the Franklin Marshall Cerberus. This is an update to the 1980 Cerberus which includes a Turbocharged V8, updated interior and light fixtures. 0-60 < 5s, top speed > 160mph.

This is the Sasha model which includes pearlescent Nightshade Pink paint job.

OTR price is $37, 000
Stunt model price is $14,700


Woah there’s no $25,000 anymore? If not, is it ok if I resubmit my car?


Max price for stunt trim is $15k.

Nothing has been said about the proper car.


There was a $25,000 limit on the beauty shot trim, but I guess I missed it when titleguy1 removed it.


Ah. my OTR price includes markup but can’t see any other prices other than stunt.


I would like some clarification. For the glam trim, is that how the car would look in our showroom? Or would it be the car that they take to shows, like “have your picture taken in the General Lee, or KITT!”?
Also, I would like some direction on my earlier question. I concocted my own backstory for this character, and designed a car accordingly; pre-screened it to a less than favorable reaction Olympus Motor Group. (skip to the end)
I’m developing a new concept right now, but I tend to go a little over the top, when given too much leeway.


The beauty shot trim is the original car, whether you make a concept car of track car etc. The stunt trim is kinda like what you are talking about; a cheap, stripped down version of your car that still looks the part.


OK, but Michael Mason’s car is going to be a ‘battering ram’ of sorts. I feel like that entails a little extra cladding, that you normally wouldn’t see on a production model. So, what you are saying, is yes, that it would be the showroom version of the car.


Oh, sorry I kinda misread what you meant. In your case, it wouldn’t be a showroom model. Its the car/ truck that will be seen in the movie whether its a modified car or whatever.


Can your beauty trim be the same as your stunt trim?




I cloned my beauty trim and then ripped everything out of it. Only problem is that you can’t change the chassis & suspension settings.


The beauty shot trim is strictly the cars we buy for shots in the movie of which are not dangerous for the cars, like having them parked or driving in low-stress situations.

To address your previous question a little while back (that you seem to have gone off of your own tangent for), I was hesitant to provide any information since I would have preferred to keep the full backstory a vague idea as the movie would not revolve around the backstories of each character; instead, keeping the story open to interpretation would allow for more creative freedom.


Orion Serval

A few modifications to this muscular marvel of 1985, Michael will drive this brand new Serval by Orion Motors, featuring a 305 cubic inch V-8, and 5 speed manual transmission. Shown in two tone Midnight-Mist.


Could you maybe consider a name change, if you’re going to use this brand regularly? (Orion brand)

And yes, there were already two Orions posted on the forum.
Not crucially important, but it would be nice if you change it :wink:


I see. I also see that you had yours set up a month prior to mine. I will have to retcon my corporate lore, but please understand, that it was not listed in the directory; I had no intent to impede.