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The Hunt For A Star Car! - Blurred Vision [UE4 - Completed]


With this in mind, may we suggest the 1985 Genra GST-24, a light, agile and quick sports coupe powered by a 2.4L turbocharged I6. The base car and its stunt trim cost $16,455, and $14,694, respectively, without markups.

Please note that the stunt trim has been detuned slightly for reliability’s sake.


1985 Mitsushita Sesta G-Lusso.

3-litre Turbo Inline 6 producing 280ps. But you may improve it as much as you wish with this stoutly built all aluminium powerhouse.


I do not know what class this would fit, but here is my entry (maybe the loud and brash one):

This little car is powered by 3,6-litre turbo V8 making 481hp @ 7700rpm, but this power comes with a price which in this case is 30 000$ (with no markup).

Here some other specs:
Top speed: 288kmh / 179mph
0-100kmh (0-60mph): 3.80s
1/4 mile: 11.82s
Weight: 1141.5kg

(Also I have no idea how these challenges work (how2send car) so a little help would be appreciated)


In the game, the is a button to export the car file near where you go to edit the car. Check how to name the car in the challenge rules so titleguy1 has an easier time finding it. The car file will be in a folder located in Documents > My Game > Automation > CarSaveExport (at least thats where it is for me). Then just send a message with the file attached to titleguy1. Btw, I think your car best fits Angelina Griffith or maybe the heist scene category.


1985 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe Turbo

Its time for some wetwork

228hp , TwinTurbo V6. 0-100 in 7 sec. 18000$


Hey guys! Sorry to make this announcement now, but due to a lack of entries I’ll be extending the deadline until March 11th at 00:00 GMT (March 10th 19:00 EST).


1985 Birch Nightfall

As the villain, this car is classy, but when you look under it’s bonnet, you’ll see it in a completely different light. Armed with a 4.7L twin turbo V10, this car can clear a standing kilometer in just under 23 seconds. However, due to the fact that turbos take a lot of time to engineer, the stunt trim is N/A and the performance drops quite a lot as does the overall quality of the car as well.

Standard trim costs 24971$ and the stunt trim costs about 14960$.

Rip up the pavement.


Unless there are any objections, entries will be due tonight, March 11th, at 00:00 GMT, or March 10th EST.
I am willing to adjust the deadline for people who wish to submit a vehicle but are unable to.

Here is the current roundup of people who have sent me their cars:

If you would like me to open up entries to submitting one more car per person, I would be willing to extend the deadline another week to compensate.


duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud that’s 40 mins… hold up i’m finishing mine right now

edit: derp. 7 hours AND 40 mins. still getting it done now either way


As mentioned above if you’re going to have the police involved, why not use some actual police cars?

The Gran Romero is the latest in the long line of Petoskey “Workhorse” cars. It’s low cost, decent performance, and ease of maintenance makes the car ideal for fleet use.

Under the hood sits a 301 cubic inch V8 mated to a 3RH5 transmission. The same kind used in the muscle cars of the past so you know it’ll get the job done.

While these are older 1981 models, the design remained unchanged up to '84. Many have found their way into service as Taxi cabs after police work so you know it’s a durable design. When you need a police car, why not make the same choice the cops already did?

Petoskey: Simple budget, Exquisite taste.


I’m all for the longer deadline to submit more cars. Really help pad those categories.


same. and, probably 2 category per person just in case you’re not getting enough cars


1983 Mosport Hydrap SP

Michael Mason needs a proper 80s muscle car with a V8.


1985 JHW Imperator 6.5LX

Jared’s Tech-laden luxo-machine has arrived!


Due to popular demand, I will extend the due date to March 18th 00:00 GMT. Additionally, players may submit up to two cars total.


Ah, how perfectly timed, Mr. Caine. We have the vehicle that’ll make you one of the most memorable characters ever here, at Maine Motors. The Maine Motors Imperator, all new for 1985. Elegant, powerful, sporty and attractive.


I’m working on it, I love so much the 80’s :sunglasses:


Please tell me that it’s a V6 :smiley:





Presenting the 1985 Franklin Marshall Scuda. This model is codenamed the Mason GT and is fitted with non-standard 7.5L V8 Turbocharged engine and nudge bars covering the headlights.

Stunt model price is sub $15k