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The Kinda Grand Tour [FINALE]


Hey @DeusExMackia you got anything specific in mind for when we shatter the tranquility of your stop at the Cheese factory? We’re gonna be fast and rambunctious :joy:


Team Bamford

Phil and Jason were still asleep in the motel as Ken and Simon began their check of the car, being an old race driver Ken was always superstitious and had to prepare his cars in a certain way each morning, Phil had reluctantly given up his keys the night before so this ritual could continue.

By the time Jason had showered and joined the duo, they had jacked the car up and rotated the tyres.

“Morning Simon, Pops” called Jason as he crossed the car park carrying his suitcase “How’s the check-up going?”

“Strange” replied Ken “We rotated the tyres and that’s about it”

“What about everything else?”

“Have a look in here, this is why I don’t like Phil”

Jason walked around to the boot of the Bamford and saw the contents of the car…

Phillip, in his wisdom and sure-fire reliability of the car had packed a wheel brace and jack, a plank of wood and 6 cigarette lighters into a box marked “Tools” the rest of the boot was filled with a miniature hotplate and gas bottle, two tents and sleeping bags, a lot of food, a chopping board and cutlery set and to top off the crazy, 6 house bricks.

“What?” asked Jason

“Exactly, once Phil comes down he can start driving us around”

“You know he kept me up half the night, he keeps having nightmares about that girlfriend of his”

Just then Phil walked into view, dressed in his day clothes and carrying his suitcase which had “Why is this full of bricks? - US Customs” written on the side in chalk.

“Are we ready to rock?” asked the smiling fool as he loaded the suitcase into the car

“Yeah, just start her up, we rotated the tyres for you”

Phil jumped in and held his foot flat while cranking the car over, instantly flooding the carbys.

“Oh you dick” moaned Ken as fuel dribbled out of the exhaust “You’ve f****ed it”

Phil raced around the car, taking a lighter from the boot and popping the bonnet.

Ken hated to admit but he’d been admiring Phil’s set-up, he’d explained that the original carbys didn’t fit under the hood so the previous owner had run the engine without an air filter, so when Phil got the car the only real work he did was add his own custom side-draught weber set-up to the engine, which he had secured off a Dodge inline 6 and tirelessly reworked the casting so it fit the Workhorse engine.

“I learnt this one from Roadkill” he yelled seconds before a massive flash of flame emerged from the engine.

Panicking, the trio ran to find Phil standing aback, somehow remaining fine after setting fire to the excess fuel in the engine.

“She should start fine now” smiled Phil, brushing his hair to make sure it wasn’t burnt.

And true to his word, the Workhorse fired on the first key turn, one last check was made of their hotel rooms, the keys were turned in and the red mongrel chuffed out of the car park and onto the open road.


Team ‘Routed…

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Team awoke to the random babbling of the TV…all background noise. Dan and Mitch had managed to drown the snoring out but they never figured out how to set the TV to sleep. It was some abhorrent morning TV show. A bunch of mannequin-like people beaming with unnaturally white teeth.

No one should be that happy this early Dan thought as he roused himself from the warm cosy protection of the bed. They ramble on about something probably Trump as it always seemed to be these days. The instant they TV set turned off a calm and refreshing silence filled the room.

The lack of background chatter roused Sam from his snoozing. Mitch was ready up…already getting some breakfast. Dan checked his watch. That’s right he’s the sort of chap who still keeps an old fashion watch.

“Damn! It’s getting late!” he exclaimed.

“Hey!” Dan said giving Sam a few nudges “Come on, get dressed, we need to grab some breakfast and head out!”

“Ugh…yeah, yeah” Sam responded trying to wipe away the drowsiness.

Once they left the warm room to the chill of morning air. They noticed the Chancellor was still there. It even looked like Mitch had even packed most of the gear into the Maesima already. So now they could relax a bit and maybe even enjoy a nice breakfast.

They stepped into the lobby of the Astoria Crest Motel. Finding the continental breakfast lounge it looked like an impressive spread. The usual American kind with all sorts of things like bagels and doughnuts for breakfast! But much to the dismay of Dan there was no sign of kettle or any tea…figures.

I suppose coffee or orange juice will have to suffice. Just then they spot Mitch. Sitting with the ‘Team Greasy Lightning’ deep in conversation. He seemed to gesture in a way that indicated they should get some food first then head over. Sam was dreading human contact this early.

He was barely functioning and nothing as subtle as the tea to wake him up. Instead just the violent kick of a coffee…American coffee at that. He’d need a full complement of savoury and sweet to get him through. Sam loaded up with bacon and eggs, a bagel, waffle, muffin plus a sort of danish and a big cup of joe.

Dan too had settled for a large cup of coffee. In a daring move decided he would try a proper American breakfast. A big plate of flapjacks drowning in maple syrup plus that crispy bacon and sunny side up eggs.

They made their way to the table awkwardly waving as went. But once they had settled into their seats. Catching the end of a conversation about cars…of course.

“Ah, well here’s the rest of the team,” Mitch announced as everyone introduced themselves.

“So you’re a family team then?” Sam said putting the piece together in his head.

“Yeah, that’s right Sam. I’m guessing you’re not an exactly…um a father-son team right?” Rick joked.

“Nah we’re just good mates is all,” Sam said with a smile as the team chuckled amongst themselves.

“Oh, yeah Sam and me we got waaay back," Dan said gesturing to Sam with coffee in his hand.

“Wait, so what about you?” Jen interrupted in a burst of caffeine fuelled lucidity.

“Oh well-” yawned Sam still adjusting to the morning.

“Funny story actually…” Mitch piped up leaning over another team.

“Well, you see in New South Wales the state we’re from…well, where we all live now anyway. They have this bloody stupid nanny state system for rego and such…”

Mitch then paused taking in the confused faces of the Rick, Jen and a sleepy Ted.

“Err…registration and such of cars I mean.” The other team finally nodded in understanding.

“So every few years you gotta get your cars checked out by approved folks,” Mitch said.

“Yeah, so one day I’m headin-” Sam interrupted hoping to shorten Mitch’s loong tales. But he was quickly cut off again.

“Um…I’m tellin’ the story here alright mate?” Sam rolled his eyes and returned to his breakfast.

“So where was it? Oh, that’s right.” He said with smile “I’m one of those blokes that runs a small time mechanical service like that. It’s not my main job but every now and then it’s handy to make a few bucks…or even a few stubbies on the side y’know what I mean?”

“I think so but what’s a stub…bee?” Rick inquired. You could tell from Jen and Ted’s blank look they’ve all got a bit lost in translation.

“It’s just like a bottle of beer really” Dan pointed out. “Aussie slang we’ll try to keep things simple right?” he said looking towards Mitch.

“Sure thing,” Mitch said giving Dan and nod. “So Anyway these two clowns come here wanting their safety check done and such.” Mitch chuckles. “I tell ya they may know their computers. But they’re bloody hopeless if you need them to do any real work on their cars.”

'So yeah we got to talking and Mitch is a great bloke really you want a car he’s your man!" Dan added.

Excuse me, I’m actually a pretty damn good software engineers thank you very much!” Sam said, “…and I actually change my own oil and stuff…” He began trailing off clearly losing heart.

“Oh, really Sam?” Rick asked, “Because it just so happened that I’m also a software engineer!” Sam’s face lit up and Rick and Sam entered into a conversation too boring detail. But needless to say, they got on rather well.

Mitch settled into his breakfast. While making attempts to converse with Fuzz between his flashes of wakefulness. Attempting to tease out any details of the police force. Hoping to gain some insight or advantage. So the team might avoid another speeding ticket disaster like last time.

Meanwhile, Dan has polished off most of his breakfast. It also appeared as though the coffee had its desired effect, Dan and Jen. Bring them into some at least resembling proper consciousness. After a few minutes of painful small talk. They stuck upon a common interest in Netflix programming. Both of them enjoyed binge watching.

After the breakfast the teams exchanged pleasantries. Wishing each other good luck on the race. As they both were about to head their separate ways in their cars. Sam dived into the boot and grabbed out a small container of strange black spread.

He rushed over to the idling Chancellor. “Hey, we forgot to bring this out for breakfast. But we thought we’d give it to you guys as…err token of friendship between our nations…or something.” Sam smiled while handing it to them. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.” Rick said grabbing the strange container labelled ‘Vegemite’. “Hey don’t worry we’ve got plenty leftover,” Sam assured them. “Good Luck! See Ya!” Sam blurted out dashing over into the back of the Maesima.

Once back in the car the others asked Sam. “You did remember how to use it? ” Mitch asked,

“…and to tell them what it is right?” Dan added.

“Oh, f#$k!” Sam uttered.

“Great, we meet a nice team and now you’re going to make them hate us,” complained Dan.

“You know they’ll treat it like peanut butter and try and eat a spoon full of it!” Dan continued.

“Well, they’ll probably never even try it” Mitch tried to assure Sam.

As the Maesima glided out of the parking lot and back onto the highway.

(Hopefully did justice to your team @VicVictory)


Yes @strop! Follow my lead :smiley:

#Team ‘Southend or Bust’
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The story so far: It’s day two of the adventure and our three guys have had a rude awakening at the campsite. They’re on the road now, but someone in particular can’t seem to shrug off their grump…

“So he just gave you that jacket?” asked Seb, taking his eyes off of the road to glance at it.
“Yeah! Isn’t he kind eh” replied Martin, who had been wearing it since they got on the road.
“Really like the pattern on the sleeves, and the logo looks gre-”
“Oh give it a rest you too” said James, slowly and with a yawn.
Seb sighed. “Look, grumpy guts, we’re very sorry your beauty sleep got ruined, but it’s in the past now, please get over it”.
“You wanna talk about getting over stuff in the past, do you?” replied James. Seb grimaced.
“James, please grow up”
“Okaaay, what if, what if we were all friendly and didn’t bicker?” said Martin, trying to bring some calm.
“I would be friendly Martin” James started, “If I’d had enough sleep”
Martin also sighed. “Oh man, I give up”

James started rambling, again, while the other two did their best to ignore him. “I’m glad you’re driving” said Martin.
“Yeah, thanks” replied Seb, sounding annoyed.
James rant suddenly ended, however, when he saw the sign for the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and he began screaming almost uncontrollably the words “Cheese Factory, Cheese Factory!”
Martin thought for a moment. “Will you promise to shut up for the rest of the day if we stop there?”
James had turned into a child. “Yes, yes, I’m sorry about earlier, I just want to get some cheese!”
“Alrighty then” said Martin, slightly confused. Seb turned off the main road and they stopped off.


Having had a quick look around the visitor centre, the boys were in the factory cafe, where they’d all ordered the Grilled Cheese Breakfast. James was also insisting that they go in the gift shop afterwards to get some souvenirs, namely more cheese.
“I never thought this would work” said Seb, inspecting the cheese and bacon combination sitting next to the egg-in-the-hole toast and potatoes, “but it’s…really nice”
“I know right!” said James with a bit of a mouthful.
Martin looked at him, still confused. He whispered to Seb, “I’m slightly concerned this might be a mood swing”

Just then, the sound of a song started to appear, as well as the sound of a car speeding into the carpark. The song became clearer…

It stopped shortly after, and Flaming Fart Cannon got out of their car.
“What was that?” asked James, vaguely recognising the song.
Seb stood up to try and get a look at the car out of the window. “I think that’s the GG lot”
“Oh nice, we’ll be able to have breakfast with them!” said Martin happily, highly unaware that that wasn’t going to go down well.
Moments later, Stop and Kai burst into the cafe.

To be continued by @strop



Brian’s notes for this leg:

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up at 7:00 am and discovered that absolutely nothing was wrong with our car - or at least, nothing we could find. A night of rain had left the road somewhat wet, but we were sure we could handle it. An hour later, just before leaving, we confirmed our plans to stop at the aquarium, as well as adopting a slightly more aggressive strategy.

And so, having gotten rid of the fatigue that had plagued us lately, we set off and headed back down the road along the West Coast… when suddenly, as we tuned in to a local rock radio station, this song started playing:

Instantly we were all reminded of a bygone era when cars were much simpler, easier to work on and (mostly) unencumbered by electronic interference - although we are still grateful for the improvements made in safety, economy and emissions since then.


Our Protagonists Almost Die Before They Even Get To The Start
Our Protagonists Are Introduced And Act Like Somewhat Normal People
In Which They Noise Pollute Like College Frat Boys And Are Thoroughly Outdone by a Blue Man
In Which They Argue About Playing Gay Chicken With Keys Being Hidden in Unmentionable Places
In Which Gay Chicken Is Played But Kai Forgets the Chicken Part and Strop Loses

Trigger Warning: potty humour

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!” Kai whooped as the door to the Tillamook Cheese Factory cafe opened, only, the door opened halfway through the whoop, so really all that the occupants of the cafe heard was “SHIT!” Not surprisingly, everybody startled in their seats and turned to stare at the foul-mouthed interlopers.

“THAT HOOK was… nice.” Strop became aware of the vaguely disapproving stares from inside the cosy establishment, and belatedly switched to inside voice. Kai, still oblivious, took another drag of his cigarette and was about to exhale when Strop clamped his mouth shut, causing him to cough and splutter smoke out his nose.

“Put it out dumbass! We’re indoors and in a cheese cafe!”

Still coughing, Kai tossed the stub in the bin. “Dick. I thought the best cheese was smoked anyway. Oh hey look!” He pointed at the slightly concerned James and Martin, and the frantically waving Seb. “It’s the Southend guys!”

But Strop hadn’t noticed, because his eyes had alighted on the counters and the cabinets with the food in it. “Holy shit, where the cheese at!” And in a puff of smoke, he was crawling all over the counters looking at the cheese, the cheese melts, the cheese puffs, the cheese on cheese and everything else cheese.

“Uh, hi,” Kai grinned sheepishly at Team Southend.

“Morning!” Martin replied, extending a hand, “Would you like to join us?”

Caught alone and not wanting to be rude, Kai accepted the seat, perched on the edge.

“Your friend seems to like cheese,” Seb noted.

“Do horses even eat cheese?” James asked.

“Uh, well, Strop does,” Kai scratched his head, “and sometimes a whole bunch of stuff. But with the cheese, it’s kind of, uh-”

“Kind of what?” Strop boomed, his plate laden with about half his daily caloric requirement in cheese. “Morning fellas,” he grunted as he sat down, his cheese fetish clearly overtaking everything else.

“Uh, kind of a bad idea,” Kai finished with an awkward grin. “Horse guts are kind of… delicate so if you dump a whole load of something different on them at once…” he fixed Strop with a meaningful stare.

“Stop mansplaining,” Strop snapped, shovelling a hot and a cold cheese into his mouth at the same time then shivering in orgasmic delight. “Nobuh gunnph gemuphh mph-” he paused to swallow. “Nothing’s getting between me and this cheesy goodness.” Seb, James and Martin watched in a mixture of bemusement and horror as they observed the incongruity of a roughage-based herbivore devouring dairy.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Seb offered, to break the silence. “Planning to take it easy?”

“Hell no,” Kai scoffed. “Team Flaming Fart Cannon doesn’t do slow.”

“But we’re probably like a hundred miles behind most of the others,” Martin pointed out.

“That’s because this guy here made us stop,” Kai prodded Strop in the cheek, causing him to spray cheese onto the plate. Strop glared at him with irritation.

“That’s because we were running out of fuel. What do you think the car runs on, unicorn fart-”

Just then there was a distinctive PAAAAAAAAAAAAAARP, kind of like, the sound of rapidly escaping hot gas forced through a flexible orifice, filtered by denim.

Everybody stared at Strop, who sat frozen, wide eyed in the headlights. Kai was first to react, waving his hand and wrinkling his nose, “Oh, for Dog’s sake, fuck, what did I tell you.”

“Sorry,” it was Strop’s turn to grin sheepishly. “That was a lot quicker than I expected.” Kai didn’t answer, he was busy rolling around in simulated (and possibly real) agony, pinching his nose. “Oh fuck. Oh man. Lord help us all. Why do horse farts have to smell so damn bad.” He then trailed off as he was rapidly overwhelmed by the fumes: “Årh for helvede… Du ku’ starte verdens ende med det fis…”

Team Southend glanced between themselves, not quite yet olfactory witness to the profanity of Strop’s… South end. But one moment later, it hit them all at once, and even as polite as they were, they could not help but grimace and reel back. Definitely Or Bust, as in, time to Bust out of here.

“YEEEEES,” Martin said a little too loudly and suddenly. “I do cough suppose we are a bit behind so I guess we should hit the road cough cough

“Good to see you again and maybe see you on the road,” added James, before also being overtaken by a paroxysm of coughing.

“Likewise,” said Strop, waving as casually as he could despite the very pressing sensation that every word he spoke and every muscle he moved caused little toxic fartlets to seep out his butthole. “I’m going to… go to the gift shop. And buy more cheese.”

Seb looked back as Team Southend bolted for the door, perhaps at Team Flaming Fart Cannon, perhaps at the memory of the upstanding fine gentlemen they once were.

“OH GOD MUST YOU-” Kai shouted, still rolling around on the floor.

As the door swung shut, Kai’s protests were cut off. The cold morning air was sweet and fresh on their faces, as they set out once more.

I am so sorry. My plan is for this to go increasingly downhill as the trip goes on as it’s going to end in a catastrophe at some point, as do most of my written adventures. Down and down and down the rabbit hole we go… Also that sample and those beats were so dope, you can suggest hip hop to me anyday…

MRL: +8
FTG: 0


I am really loving this downward spiral. And I lost it at the “Strop’s…South End” bit!

Well, I do my best :blush:


I detect a bit of Eminem inspiration in the flow. I beg you, put together a playlist!

@Rk38 True Blue award for the vocab stubbie, rego, and of course, our much loved Vegemite. Beats hell out of a salt lick!


@Rk38 … thanks for the terrible thing that will happen to Greasy Lightning in a little bit… muhahahahaha!

and as @strop says… BRB, dying.


best part: IIRC, “use like peanut butter”, frequently means a PBJ sandwich in the US. As in, Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Mmm, mmm. That Vegemite Jelly combo, amirite!?


@strop You can have a gander at this if you like…


I tried not to make the language it too obvious But I couldn’t pass up a chance to spoil an unwitting teams day with vegemite!

I do wonder what would happen if our team were ever to meet though probably something rather calamitous I fear :stuck_out_tongue:

Your piece was delightfully disastrous and especially umm…squeezing the ‘south end’ bit in as it came out in a glorious fashion! I think @DeusExMackia team may be scared for life :joy:


Fair warning: I have something much worse lined up for any team I catch up to on the road, and we’re gonna be driving hella fast for the next while :wink:


Well if Sam ever gets behind the wheel again he’ll ring out that Maesima for all it’s got trying to chase down Kai!

But I’m looking forward to the next misfortune of Team Flaming Fart Cannon.


team 1'); drop table participants; --

Introduction  |  Previously

Saturday, 5am-8am

Clocks ticks to 5:00am


Turns to each other while still screaming and panicking


Frank: still screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Then both tries to grab the alarm placed on the dashboard, and both their arms hit the clock at the same time, which knocked the already unsteady shaking alarm clock to fell down beneath the driver’s seat while Da Wei fails multiple times trying to catch it on fall




The door is opened, letting the already loud noise in the car, louder, and in the process, wakes several nearby teams up, and sort of a calling to the park ranger that was not that far away.

Da Wei tries to get out of the car, tripped on his blanket while doing so, resulting in a headbutt against the door’s armrest and a faceplant to the grass

Da Wei: BAAAAAGHMMMMMMMHHH! Pushes himself up BWAAH!

Da Wei scraped the dirt that got stuck on his face off with his bare hand, threw away the blanket aside, and grabbed the alarm that got stuck under the driver’s seat and turned it off. But still on his knees.

Da Wei : well. That’s one hell of a wake up call.

Frank: it sure fucki………

Park Ranger : Excuse me gentlemen

Both turned their heads to the source of the foreign sound while being a bit confused. The second the 2 of them realised who this person coming to them was. They both whispered at the same time

Both: oh shit………

The ranger that came to them was a REALLY chappy one. He gave the 2 of them a NICE and LONG Speech for about 30 minutes before they were given a $200 fine at the end.

Da Wei : i’ve got to say 2 things. 1, your concoction actually worked. Too well. 2, we got a real wake up call, and then a WAKE UP CALL. great way to wake up. Well okay 3. He really could’ve just give a warning and the fine and save us the speech. Now we’re totally late, and my our plan to get out of here sooner than the other teams are ruined. And blablablablablabla….

Frank: Okok. Enough. I think we got everything, let’s go. Thankfully we’re only a few minutes behind this time, we can easily make that up.

Da Wei : Ok then. How many cops do you think are on the road at just after 6 am?

Frank: Not too many but I wouldn’t bet on it. Also, I don’t really want to get another ticket. This trip gets pretty expensive at that rate it’s been going so far.

Da Wei : arrgghhhhh fine. After being left behind yesterday, i just wanna. You know be ahead for a change.

Frank: I think we’re doing well. There’s some teams still sleeping. Only ones I saw leaving were those we’ve woken up. The Aussies in that old wagon, the cops that got that Italian with them this time, those two guys in that yellow coupe … oh, and South End or Bust are on the road as well.

Da Wei : anyway. Since we’re a bit early, wanna grab a breakfast to eat on the road first?

Frank: Yes. I’ll grab something while you handle the checkout.

Da Wei: okay then

Da Wei walked towards the car, get into the car. Started it up. Then reversed the car a whole 50m south heading, or rather butt-heading the car to the checkout stand, just because it’s still morning, he’s still a bit groggy and was too lazy to walk. Confusing Frank in the process

About 7:30am, several miles past Tillamook. A yellow coupe can be seen ahead, other than that there’s not a single car on the road.

Frank: Grabs the alarm, points at the car ahead You think what I think? Let’s have some fun with them, hehe.

Drops to 3rd gear

Da Wei : ready to go! Just give me the go

Frank: Winds down passenger window Go!

Foot Flat to the floor. Going to the side of their car as close as he dared to go at speed. Car roaring as loud as it would


As soon as @ramthecowy and Nomade look over to the side, Frank shows them the school bell alarm and lets it go off.
While Frank is bursting in laughter, Da Wei gives the car everything to pull ahead of the yellow Gamma coupe. Frank disables the alarm. And the the Cowys team’s car wobbbled about a bit.

Frank: Haha. We really should do that more often.

Da Wei : yes. But not TOO often. We’re totally gonna get some revenge paid back at some point later on

Frank: You’re right. This alarm clock thing already backfired once. You gotta admit it was damn funny though.

Da Wei : can’t deny that. Hahaha. Okay i think we’re far ahead enough. Gonna go back to speed limit now.

Morale: +1 (+5 total)
Fatigue: +0 (+4 total)


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Team: Clutch Droppers

Day 2: 12-7am

The entire team is completely out of it, not even the sounds of slot machines and parties could awaken us from our slumber

Day 2: 7-8am

At 7am sharp the hotel room’s phone began ringing. After about 6 rings the noise had finally begun to rouse us from our sleep, Ryan answered the phone, not remembering where we were

Ryan: What’s up?

Phone: Um… good morning sir, this is your 7am wake-up call.

Ryan: Wake-up call? What? I think you have the wrong number… goodbye…

Bob: A little more awake than the other two thanks to the two-hour nap the previous night Why did you say they had the wrong number?

Ryan: Bob… why are you at my house???

Bob: Ryan… we are at a hotel…

Ryan: O, god?? Why??? Did we… do something… I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING!!!

The gears is Ryan’s head slowly start to churn for the day

Ryan: O… right, the race! Now I remember… god… I need coffee.

Jason: Awoken by the comotion Why are you yelling, it’s too early to yell, or be awake.

Bob: Come on guys, we need to get some food and get back on the road. The longer we laze around here the less of a gap we will have on the other teams.

Bob starts shoving Ryan towards the bathroom

Bob: Get in there and get ready for the day… and be quick about it! I am going to get some food while you two get it together.

Bob hurries downstairs to the breakfast buffet, loading up three plates with everything he can get his hands on, waffles, pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, fruit, yogurt, and even a couple cereal bowls carefully balanced on top. Balancing the food was much harder than anticipated, but Bob very slowly made his way back to their room. After kicking the door hard a few times, Ryan finally opened it for Bob, whom quickly ran in and set the food down just before he lost it all over the floor.

Ryan: Wow, did you get enough food??

Bob: I didn’t know what all you guys wanted so I grabbed everything.

Ryan: Well, at least it looks pretty good. I have a pot of coffee over there if you want any.

Bob: Coffee is disgusting, I’ll just stick with some milk.

Jason: Coming out of the bathroom Damn, what smells so good? Seeing the food, he runs over and starts immediately eating the pancakes These are amazing!

Bob: You can slow down and actually chew, you know…

Jason: I feel like I haven’t eaten in years, give me your pancakes!

For the next few minutes there was a fight over the remaining pancakes. After everyone had a number of fork wounds, and the pancakes had been thoroughly destroyed, they quietly ate the rest of their food.

Ryan: Well at least the coffee wasn’t too awful, I guess I am ready to go now.

Bob: Alright, let me take my shower now that you two are done, I’ll just be a moment.

After everyone was ready for the day, we packed up the few things we had brought into the hotel with us and headed downstairs to get the car back from the valet. Handing the key tag to the valet, he flashed a worrying expression before disappearing into the car lot.

Bob: Did you guys get a weird vibe from that guy?

Jason: It’s too early to feel anything…

Ryan: No…

Just then the valet came around the corner with our car… but he was driving it the wrong way through the one-one hotel entrance area. Strange. Bob began to walk around the far side of the car when the valet suddenly jumped out of the car and rushed to intercept him.

Valet: Sir, sir, I am so sorry, I do not know what happened to your car. I swear it was in perfect condition when I parked it last night. I think someone tried to park an SUV next your vehicle and caused some minor damage to the paint…

Bob: Skips around the valet to see what he was trying to hide, the entire passenger’s side of the car had a long scrape across it, almost from the bottom of the door to the window, closely resembling an impact along a guardrail. Luckily the damage only seemed to be cosmetic, but it set Bob off WHAT THE ABSOLUTELY BLOODY HELL HAPPENED!!?!!?

Valet: As I said sir, I do not know, it was fine until I checked it this morning.

Bob: Jumps in the still running car and checks the odometer. Someone drove our car last night, there are almost 50 more miles on it than when we came in. I always check the odometer before handing the car to a valet… Who the hell was on duty last night, their ass is mine!

Ryan: I want to wring their neck too, but we are slowly losing our advantage from last night, we need to get on the road. We will have to come back when the race is over.

Bob: Fuming FINE, but you can bet your ass we will be back!

Bob slams the car into drive just as Ryan and Jason are closing their doors, but holds the brakes hard while flooring it, producing a huge cloud of tire smoke engulfing the valet. Releasing the brakes the car does a long burnout out of the hotel entrance area and around to the main road. As we pull onto the highway, massive smoke cloud clearing behind us, Jason pulls out his trusty 3DS and Ryan pops on some music

Morale: +9 (Morale decreased from damaged car, but overall increase because we are in the lead!)
Fatigue: +3 (Complete unconsciousness for 7 hours, seems good enough)


That’s… uh… an interesting choice of music for first thing in the morning :innocent:


On the afternoon of day 1, not much happened. The pair basically just pushed on, and tried to catch the weird Corolla… thing, to little success.

Now, the plan for day 2 is to be well rested, and push as hard as we can without braking the car.


##Team Artiseros
#7am - 8 am

After delightful rest,they woke up at 7am to start an all new morning

*trio wakes up*

Ernie:yawns It’s time to go!

So the trio cleaned up their mess from yesterday in the car and packed up till 8am

##Overall Stats

Fatigue : -4 (feeling refreshed)

Morale: 16


Team Mountain Pass

Saturday, day two, 8:00AM local time

Team Information

Hey folks, Andrew here!

Kyle did a great job of driving all of day one and he’s also done a stellar job polishing this turd of a USDM Bogliq ex-taxi. Once we set up camp last night and hit the hay, we all slept well, even Pierre! Pierre was grumbling that we camped rather than used a hotel but I think Kyle made the right call. We had the Bogliq loaded and ready for action to start at eight and the crisp, cool morning air has given me the desire to push this ole gramp-mobile to its limits! I saw (and heard) the rude gestures made by Team Fart Cannon when they passed us on day one so my plan is that I’m going to do the pit maneuver on them… The Bogliq is sized like a cop car so why not act like one!

When Kyle handed me the keys this morning he mumbled something about the front brakes being dicey but I’m not too worried since we’ll only be driving the car another couple of days and then Kyle can replace the front pads and rotors ready for the 24hrs of LeMons later on in the year…

Distance travelled (this session): None
Distance travelled (so far): 390 Miles
Morale +5 (+13 total): looking forward to (literally) reversing Team Fart Cannon’s fortunes!
Fatigue -13 (0 total): Refreshed and rearing to go!!! (Maybe I’ll paint flames on the Bogliq once I claim my scalp!)