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The Kinda Grand Tour [FINALE]


Loving the flavor text - but I am truly sad to see Toothless go after such a valiant effort. I recall that in CSR17, you opted for a Cisalpina Scattante - but will that car ever replace Toothless?


You’ll see! :wink:

your attentiveness to the Automation lore is to your credit, I suspect that you’ll appreciate the remaining chapters of Team FFC, which will contribute to the GG lore.


team 1'); drop table participants; --

Introduction  |  Previously

Saturday 11pm - Sunday 2am

##Accidental Midnight Bliss

At a motel near Redwood Valley, 11pm. Frank is still asleep, Da Wei who already wants to continue going tries to wake him up.

Da Wei: right. now. what’s a surefire way of waking him up that won’t end me getting slapped again……. huh. let’s give him some nightmares

My Darling
darling, wake up. come and see this
look at what i’m doing, i’m hanging these nice pictures
look at all these new bug painting collection i got from my friend. aren’t they amazing!
(Frank has some sort of phobia with bugs and the likes)

Frank starts to squirm on his bed

hey darling, here’s one of my favorite beetle that i used to play with when i was a kid. but it’s now been preserved, and it’s gonna be just as beautiful. FOREVERforeverforever….orever….ever……ever….ver

Frank is now tossing around on his bed. Da Wei still teasing Frank while sitting right beside his bed is holding his giggles in

darling, wake up and see this nature’s beauty. DON’T YOU JUST WANT TO KISS IT?

Frank: whimpering silently……p-p-please….

Darling. COME HERE AND EMBRACE THE NATURE’S GIFT TOGETHER….together……gether……ether……ther….ther

Frank: suddenly screams and woke up KEEP THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!!!

Frank rolled off his bed, towards Da Wei, Falling, headbutting, and pushing down on Da Wei in the process. it was but a flash of blanking out for a split second for both parties, only to realise they were kissing each other on the floor.

_Da Wei, which was already up and aware already, quickly realised what was going on, and wanted to push Frank off, but some why felt like he couldn’t move his body, and he actually didn’t feel disgusted by this, to his surprise. _
_ _
a few seconds later Frank finally realised what’s going up and instantly pushed himself off the ground.

Frank : BWAAGH i…. uh… i’m…… whispering and looking down sorry

both party have their face redder than a tomato by this point. and Da Wei is still stunned and speechless

Frank: let’s just act like this never happened. okay?

Da Wei, still stunned, and with his mouth still gaping open just gave a slow nod. his “LET’S PRANK BUT NOT GET SPANKED” plan instead gave him some “ACCIDENTAL BLISS FROM A KISS”.

both just silently packed their stuff and goes downstairs to check out from the hotel and keeping their distance from each other. but at the receptionist’s desk their face got red again, which only pronounces the possibility of misunderstanding by the receptionist. but at this point, everything is way too awkward and the are trying their hardest to just not care, while being obviously failing at it.
_ _
in the car

Da Wei: uhh. so……… the route and next check point frank?

Frank: Same as before. Heading south on Highway 101. Just with the difference that San Francisco is coming up.

Da Wei : right. let’s just hope there’s not much cops. i’m gonna be driving slightly over the speed limit, to catch some ground we lost.

Frank: yea. We shouldn’t see much traffic too, as it’s nighttime. I think sleeping in the afternoon was a good idea. We should be much faster through San Francisco than those who had to do it during the evening.

Da Wei : right.

In an awkward silence, both of them trying to forget what happened at the motel, they continued going south. Only the sound of the 80s high end class stereo blasting could be heard.

An hour later. They were driving through some hilly terrain that seemed more densely populated.

Frank: (humming) If youu’re gooing to Saaaan Fraaanciscooo

Two more bends in the road, this view came up

Frank: Wow. This looks even more stunning in real life as it does on the pictures.

… silence …

Frank: Well, we’re in San Fran. Let’s see if we can get something to eat.

Da Wei: uhh yeah. just find something that opens for….

a blaring bright open 24 hours sign came into view as they were talking


The car turned left as quick as it could. Then turned again to the parking space, and within seconds, when frank finally turned his head towards the driver seat, Da Wei is already closing the door and are already running in the diner.

Frank: (still getting out of the car) Hey, wait! At least lock the damn car, we’re now in San Francisco at night.

Da Wei stopped, only to throw the keys to frank. and by throw, i mean not the pass throw, but like baseball throwing throw. then continued running for the door of the restaurant

Da Wei : CATCH! see ya inside

_Frank tries to catch the keys, but only hurts his hand in the process, and the keys end up on the floor. After some Austrian swearing, he picks up the keys, locks the car and follows Da Wei into the restaurant. _
_ _
after Frank is finally inside the restaurant

Da Wei: one of Flame Bingo Wing, and 1 Buffalo Wing Burger, and 1 plain buffalo wing set, and 1 Buffal-on-a-waffle, and 1 large root beer. and some extra Hell’s leak Sauce. actually get me some poached eggs with that please.

Frank: A Buffalo Burger, some fries and a coke for me. After the waiter has gone You’re hungry, aren’t you?

Da Wei: even if i’m not, i’ll still stop here. it’s been literal ages since i came here. i think it was when i was like 8 yo maybe? before i was 10 that’s for sure. used to come here with my family. and i FUCKING LOVED EVERYTHING. you just can’t go wrong with anything you choose.

Frank: Oh, didn’t know you were here before. But good to know the food is as tasty. Let’s eat then.

Da Wei: yeah. my grandma used to live close to here, so like every time i visit her here, we ALWAYS go to this place. oh you don’t know how happy and surprised i am knowing that this place is still in business. but let’s just see if it is as good as i remember it being.

The waiter comes and delivers Frank’s food and some of Da Wei’s food, then comes back a few seconds later to deliver the rest.

Waiter: just to make sure, that’s everything you’ve ordered right?

Da wei takes a second to see the now full table before answering

Da Wei : yeah. that’s everything. thank you. now then.

Both of them start to eat, at a different pace. A single bite from the burger in Frank’s hand is a whole burger for frank. the second bite from Frank’s burger, and Da wei have annihilated half of another course. And after a while …

Da Wei: goddamn it is as good as i remember it. and then some, that Flame-Bingo one, i don’t think i’ve ever eaten one. except for the Buffal-On-Waffle. who thought spicy meat and sweet waffles would go well together. you enjoyed yours frank?

Frank: Yea, this place is actually good. Shame it’s so far from our home. You know some more stuff along our route?

Da Wei : uhh. not from the top of my head. but i think i’ll remember some when i see it. it’s all childhood memories after all.

Frank : Anyways, if you know a place where we should stop, let me know.

Da Wei : will do. btw Frank. what if you had done this journey with your fiancee? the situation right now is so nice. traveling the country together in a car, having the fun of your life. and now having breakfast together reminiscing on childhood memories. kinda…… romantic in a way isn’t it?


Da Wei: oh fuck. no. please don’t get me wrong, i was not thinking that way. no. i was just spaced out. i have no intention of doing that again…… fuck, i should shut up, i’m just making it worse

The waiter who snapped up a few phrases from the conversation had to grin, and also Frank couldn’t hold himself while he turned red.

Frank: Let’s just go, okay?

He signals the waiter they want to pay, while Da Wei blushed again. After a few minutes, they go back to the car, and continue their journey.

Morale: +9 total
Fatigue: +5 total


As if Strop’s Extremely Detailed Flatulence Adventures weren’t enough, we’re now on the edge of entering the realm of full-on homosexual erotica, are we? :joy:


Well. There is a perfectly fine HMC Cruiser waiting at a impound somewhere near :smile:


With a trunk someone got murdered in…



Wait, are you referring to my update, or someone else’s? I haven’t read anyone else’s yet and I’m not so sure about mine haha.


Well yours kind of started this thing rolling downhill and now after some, uh, crotch exploration, some very vivid farts and now we’ve reached a kiss as well. So what’s next? :joy:


A kiss? That was in someone else’s right?

I mean, we all get a bit gay when we’re drunk, wait, is anyone drunk yet?

Also vivid farts as a form of erotica, that’s really not my thing :joy:

Edit: now realise the kiss came from FrankNSTein. You can get to Brokeback! Woooooo!


Legend of Terms:

TBDC: Time Block Distance Covered. This is the amount of mileage covered during the current 2 hour period.
ODC: Overall Distance Covered. This is the total distance that the team has covered since Noon on Friday
MRL: Morale modifier
FTG: Fatigue Level
Notes: Any notes I have for your team during this time block. Including POI results, car issues, etc.

Sunday, 6am - 8am

Weather Conditions: 63 degrees. Sunny.

All vehicles are on US101 South or CA-1.

Upcoming POI (optional, let me know if you want to stop at them for rest/sightseeing): Any POI you can find/message me about between San Francisco, CA and San Diego, CA (bear in mind timing - It’s getting on toward evening, and various teams have fatigue setting in)

Next Waypoint(s): Half Moon Bay State Beach, Half Moon Bay, CA, El Capitan State Beach, CA.

TBDC: 115 mi OD: 1259 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +1 Notes: None.

TBDC: 119 mi OD: 1520 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +6 Notes: Waypoint Completed: El Capitan State Beach. Team is feeling fatigued.

TBDC: 51 mi OD: 1159 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +0 Notes: Waypoint completed: Half Moon Bay State Beach. Team has refueled in San Francisco.

TBDC: 116 mi OD: 1381 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +1 Notes: Team has made their final projected fuel stop in Santa Maria.

TBDC: 0 mi OD: 848 mi MRL: +0 FTG: -0 Notes: Team is awake but idle (part has not arrived yet)

TBDC: 120 mi OD: 1357 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +2 Notes: None

TBDC: 82 mi OD: 1609 mi MRL: -1 FTG: +4 Notes: Waypoint completed: Team has stopped for 1/2 hour at Santa Monica Pier. TEAM IS VERY FATIGUED.

TBDC: 111 mi OD: 1269 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +1 Notes: None

TBDC: 93 mi OD: 1379 mi MRL: -5 FTG: +2 Notes: CRITICAL FAILURE. For safety reasons, the team has ended their run in Santa Maria, CA after both front rotors started grinding and the shuddering got terrifyingly bad. Overall morale at the end: +13 (very good)

TBDC: 112 mi OD: 1391 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +2 Notes: Team has made their final projected fuel stop in Santa Maria. TEAM MORALE IS EXTREMELY HIGH.

TBDC: 113 mi OD: 1330 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +1 Notes: None

@koolkei / @FrankNSTein
TBDC: 108 mi OD: 1451 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +3 Notes: Waypoint completed: El Capitan State Beach. Team has made projected final refueling stop in Santa maria. team is feeling slightly fatigued.

TBDC: 100 mi OD: 1521 mi MRL: -3 FTG: +10 Notes: TEAM IS EXHAUSTED.

@Nomade0013 / @ramthecowy
TBDC: 110 mi OD: 1511 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +6 Notes: Waypoint Completed: El Capitan State Beach. TEAM IS VERY FATIGUED.

TBDC: 112 mi OD: 1271 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +3 Notes: Waypoint Completed: Team is feeling fatigued.

Team Greasy Lightning

Team/Car info

Rick sketched some calculations on his notepad, occasionally glancing at the atlas in front of him.

“Where do you think we stand?” Fuzz asked, his focus otherwise borne toward the road ahead.

“I don’t know. We haven’t seen any other cars since last night. I can only hope we’re ahead of the mass that were at that hotel in San Francisco.”

“If so, we’re doing well,” Jen added.

Rick nodded slowly. “Still just want to finish this thing. You hear that noise?”

His teammates listened intently.

“Give it a little gas, Fuzz.”

Just a couple seconds after the additional power was applied, the Ardent let out a soft, high pitched whine from somewhere in front of them.

“Only under gas?” Fuzz asked.

“That’s the only time I hear it,” Rick confirmed.

“Transmission, most likely. Possibly flex plate.”

“If you break the car, it’s your fault,”’ Jen needled.

“Shut it! You’re the one who broke the last car!”


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Team: Clutch Droppers

Day 3: 4-6am

As we pulled back onto the highway, leaving the golden glow of Denny’s behind us, there was scramble for the aux cable. Ryan was behind the wheel for the next stretch of the journey, and Bob and Jason were fighting over the aux cable, the fatigue of driving through the night was getting to them, making them highly irritable.

Bob: You had music control while you were driving and Ryan doesn’t want to scroll through songs while driving, so it’s my turn!

Jason: No way, you have had control for most of the journey, I want a fair share of the music time!

Ryan: Both of you, shut the hell up and put something on!

Bob and Jason: I’m trying!

Ryan pulls the aux cable from the radio and flips back to FM. Suddenly, the piercing shrill of a morning radio host comes over the speakers at much too high volume. We tuned in at the end of some joke and a cacophony of sound was assaulting our ears. Similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij4t51QlTXk#t=1m15s

Bob: Oh god, now I remember why I don’t listen to the radio in the morning, turn it off, for the love of humanity!

Ryan: This is on you guys, you brought this on yourselves.

Jason: I would rather listen to nothing than trash talk radio.

Ryan began flipping through the stations in search of something at least palatable, when we heard the sentence all radio listeners dream of, 1 hour commercial free rock block! We were saved. Amazingly, after the hour of rock had ended, a few channels up we found another station starting an hour of metal with no commercials. Today was a good day. We made it to 6am with almost no other fights, however, Bob and Jason were still fuming over their inability to control the music.

Day 3: 6-8am

Just before 6am the trio were cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway enjoying the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean ass the sun started to rise. We were passing through Malibu, discussing Malibu’s Most Wanted, a great movie, when the first attack hit us. We were holy unprepared and the intensity of it shook us to out very cores. The devastation the attack wrought on our noses and minds would scare us for days to come. Few would have survived such an attack, but we were lucky and had all the windows down.

Ryan: Excuse me, the food just hit my intestines…

Bob: This is worse than that other team, why is your gas you just like mustard gas mixed with paint stripper??? HOW?!?!

Jason: Oh my god, we have to get out of this car, we are going to die in here. A single spark will blow this car to pieces right now!

Ryan: Oops, excuse me… again.

A fresh wave of searing pain rolled over the occupants of the car, Ryan was barely able to keep his eyes open, from the burning.

Bob: With his head completely out of the window O SHIT, do you guys realize where we are?? GTA V BOYS! Plus a bunch of great movies. The California Incline is coming up, and the Santa Monica Pier, we have to stop!

Jason: We have to stop anyway, to air out the car. I think the carpet is starting to curl and the paint is coming off…


Ryan: O man, that was a bad one… Here’s the turn off for the pier.

Before the car had come to a complete stop in the parking lot for the Santa Monica Pier, Bob and Jason jumped out and began running down the pier, attempting to escape the deadly fumes trapped in the old car. Ryan left all the doors open sat on the hood eating some jerky while Bob and Jason took pictures. He popped a couple of anti-gas pills and a couple anti-diarrheals, just in case. A half-hour later and Ryan’s gas had subsided. Bob and Jason hung the last of the air fresheners, Bob checked the oil again, and every piled back in the car.

Bob: It’s 138 miles to Coranado Beach, we got a (nearly) full tank of gas, half a case of energy shots, it’s dark out, and we are wearing sunglasses…

Jason: Hit it.

Ryan punched the gas sending up a plume of tire smoke, which smelled better than he did a little bit ago, as the car made its way out of the lot and back towards the “1”. As the trio headed down the road, Jason decided to call his girlfriend a bit early today to ensure he did not forget to call her after the excitement of the race’s end.

Jason: Hey babe, I know I am calling a bit earlier today, just wanted to let you know that it looks like I won’t be getting this job. We discussed the responsibilities and roles I would have and they are looking for someone with a bit more experience… Yeah, I know it sucks…

Jason: Yeah, I know… Yeah… I know… Yeah… I will probably be home in another day or two, I saw a few job postings while I was here that I want to check out. Yeah, I’ll let you know when I’m coming back. I miss you too, see you in a few days.

Jason: I think she is still buying it, I should be in the clear.

Bob: She knows, she’s going to rip you a new one when we get back. Just you wait and see.

The trio settled in for the totally-for-sure-this-time-guys, last leg of the journey.

Sorry if it seems I stole the farting elements from Strop, but my friend IRL really does have absolutely heinous gas that we have joked about to him.

Morale: +15 (Ryan had a gas attack)
Fatigue: +23 (Still no sleep)


Farting, it’s a real, common thing, unlike what those lady amazons from Gazorpazorp would like to think :joy:

(Even more real when you think you have to sit with a group of people on an intense 2 day road trip where you rarely leave the car and everybody produces anywhere between half and three quarters of a liter of expressible flatulence a day. In Kai’s case he’s especially unlucky to have a horse for a travelling companion, you know what horse guts are like.)


Team Mountain Pass

Sunday, day two, 4 - 8am

Team Mountain Pass

At first I thought the brakes were cold, since we left the hotel at 3AM this morning. The grinding and shuddering didn’t seem too bad considering the pace we were making but the brakes steadily got worse as continued on. Finally, in an orgasm of screeching, shuddering defiance, the front calipers seized solid, leaving us stranded and requiring a towtruck… Just my luck, I barely get a run and the car dies on me! At least the car didn’t burst into flames or anything…

Distance travelled: 222 miles
Total distance travelled: 1376 miles
Morale: -5 (+12 total) Another day, another dead Bogliq… Maybe we should run a Saminda next time?
Fatigue: +3 (+4 total) So fresh, so young, so frustrated; we were robbed of victory!!!


Tuesday, after the Grand Tour

Kyle here. I’m not surprised how things ended, since I’d forgotten to do the front brakes in the rush to prepare for the Grand Tour. Other than a pair of front calipers and brake pads, the Bogliq will require just general maintenance to be ready for the LeMons 24hr’s next month. I’m annoyed that we didn’t win but it was one wild ride while it lasted! I will have to keep my eye out for something cheap yet practical to stash away for next time…

Thanks @VicVictory for hosting this event, looking forward to what you have planned next! :sunglasses:



Brian’s notes for this leg:

Still nothing untoward as we make our way towards El Capitan, west of Santa Barbara. The sunrise is truly a wonderful thing to behold, and merely seeing it gives us renewed hope. Gary is starting to hear rumors that a bright blue sedan has ground to a halt after a brake failure. Truly a depressing sight for all involved; once we pass it, we will realize the full extent of their plight. This makes our continued survival up to this point seem all the more miraculous. More significantly, though, quite a lot of teams are once again suffering from fatigue - a side-effect of countless prolonged stints at the wheel. We are now considering a more aggressive strategy as the morning progresses… But will it be worth it? At any rate, the scenery in this part of California is even better than anything we’ve come across on our journey south, although we were hardly expecting it to be as good as this.



Luigi: Uh oh, looks like Marc is going to be pissed.

Blake: Why is that?

Luigi: Look at all those Hispanics hanging around.

Marc: Why would that piss me off?

Luigi: Your whole issue with immigrants.

Marc: I don’t have an issue with immigrants, I don’t even have an issue with Italians for that matter. I just have an issue with you.

Luigi: Hardy har har!

Blake: How are we doing on fuel?

Marc: She’s going down. We’ve probably got about fifty miles left.

Blake: Okay, let’s take a look here…

Luigi: Santa Maria is thirty nine miles ahead, that looks like a good place we can stop.

Blake: Looks good to me.

Marc: Okay, Santa Maria it is.

(Our heroes stop for fuel in Santa Maria, on their way out they spot something blue)

Marc: Hey, isn’t that the team with the Bogliq?

Blake: Looks like it, their four ways are on.

Marc: Guess they can’t catch a break, poor bastards.

Blake: At least they’re not on fire this time.

Luigi: I don’t understand.

Blake: On the Roulette Runner challenge, we came across them, their car caught on fire due to some rather poor wiring design.

Luigi: My uncle used to own one of those back in the old country. I forget which model it was. I do know the mechanic at the dealership had to have a phone to his ear while working on the car, with someone from Bogliq HQ on the other end explaining the wiring to him.

Marc: Yeesh! That’s some kind of Balkan company isn’t it?

Blake: Somewhere Eastern, I know that.

Luigi: Well, this is a cheap car challenge, these things do happen.

Blake: I know, but it’s still kind of heartbreaking.

(With that Marc cautiously looks at all the gauges, thankfully nothing is amiss)


Team Twin-Snail

Previous Stage

“Breakfast’s over, get in the car!” Luke called at exactly 7:00:00 AM, making his way out of the hotel and to the car.

Amy and Scott took it seriously, stuffed the last bites of their eggs, bacon, and toast into their mouths, then made a run for it, getting into the car as Luke turned the key. Linda, on the other hand, was doing her usual thing, taking an eternity because she could.

Suddenly, a piercing blare shattered the silence as Luke leaned on the air horns. A few seconds later, another blast from the tri-tone truck horns, followed by Linda getting glared at by the receptionist, and Linda was making her way, slowly, to the doors.

A deafening blare echoed across the hotel as Luke, fed up with waiting, hit the train horn as Linda was getting near the door of the hotel.

“Really, Luke?” Linda grumbled. “I was enjoying breakfast.” she mumbled as she got into the car.

Luke didn’t even bother responding, instead slamming the car into reverse, hurtling out of the parking space and almost colliding with an SUV in the process, then slamming it into drive and lighting up the driver’s side tire on the way out of the parking lot.

“7:13 AM. Thirteen minutes behind already because you were ‘enjoying breakfast’ while we’re second-to-last on the grid.” Luke said.

“We could skip the POI stop and cannonball to the finish line.” Linda suggested.

“We could also stop at the side of the road and get rid of some dead weight.” Amy retorted. Scott burst into nearly uncontrolled laughter, just because of the fact that Linda had walked right into that one.

“Really!?” Linda whined, glaring at Amy and Scott.

“Well, we would’ve gotten out of the parking lot at 6:30 if you hadn’t insisted on breakfast. Could’ve been making miles instead of sitting on our asses waiting for eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes.” Luke said. “Could have gotten an extra… 20 miles or so already. More if I decided to put my foot to the floor.”

Scott looked at the GPS, then to Luke and asked, “Well, Luke, can you floor it? We’re really far behind.”

“We need fuel, but once we have it, then yes, I’ll set the throttle to 100% and we’ll go as fast as we can before either the car falls apart, we reach Bishop Peak, or we get pulled over for speeding.”

They jumped the curb at the gas station in San Francisco, coming to a screeching stop at a pump, where fuel was dealt with as fast as possible.

Once the gas was paid for, and they were on the road, Luke put his foot to the floor, sending their old and heavy Minerva Midnight screaming down the road, a midnight-purple missile aimed to make up time.


Car Condition: Still running fine.

Team Condition: In-a-fuckin-hurry-get-out-of-our-fuckin-way!

MRL +17 (+1) - On the move!
FTG +3 (No Change) - We’re really far behind, let’s get moving!


Team Bamford


The big red boat was making decent time across Santa Cruz as they headed into road racer territory, Ken was in his element here, having spent a fair amount of time traveling around between Monterey Historics and Los Angeles.

“You know the real long beach is only just down the road” Ken said, leaning into the front.

Jason smiled, remembering the disappointment of almost driving to the wrong Long Beach two days prior.

“Do you reckon we could stop by there for a bit?”

“Maybe on the way back” butted in Phil “We do have an event to finish”

The talking continued, with Ken sharing some memories of his various trips around America and the weekend when he tried to get his F5000 down to the real Long Beach and arriving in time for the race to start.

Phil countered with the trip the team had to deliver the Bamford to the start line, having to cross the United States border since the closest airfreight terminal was Vancouver and their telling of a heroic story to two separate customs officials that saw them get the Bamford across the border, on the condition that they didn’t drive it.

Ken smiled, he had a feeling that a lot of the cars in this challenge were also illegal and going by some of the rumors floating around with the fate of some of the cars involved, it seemed a pretty common trend that the retirees were doing all sorts of stuff to get rid of their cars, or at least remove any evidence that they owned them.

This concerned Ken, Phil was obviously in love with the boat of a Bamford and it concerned him that if anything happened to the car and they had to ditch it, that Phil would stick by the car and end up in prison for his troubles.

They were on a quiet stretch of road now, somewhere close to Salinas when Phil began shifting in his seat.

“I have to piss, can we pull over?”

Jason pondered for a moment…

“Yes, but be quick about it”

Jason was trying to find a place to pull over when he heard a “Done!” from the back, accompanied with the sound of a car door slamming.

“Did you just piss out of a moving car?”

“And I didn’t even get wet” smirked Phil

Ken hadn’t even noticed, he was too busying watching the world go by, until he heard the door slam and saw Phil still kneeling on the seat, zipping his fly up.

“You do some seriously f****ed up stuff” muttered Ken

“I know” replied Phil “It’s almost like I’m emotionally damaged from my attempted murder and revisiting it in such detail over the last few days in the company of friends has broken me internally and I’m resorting to acting out because it’s the only way I can deal with stress.”

“That sounds like a pretty good reason” replied Ken “Also, you got your shirt caught in your fly”


Team Mr Hankey.
Saturday 10PM-Sunday 2AM… various rustling sounds and the occasional incomprehensible muttered word.

Sunday 2 AM
Wookiee’s watch beeps… and because it’s on the table next to him, he picks it up and throws it at Bill.
Bill: OW!
Wookiee: Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there.

The team is packed and in the car.
Wookiee turned the key, and Mr Hankey coughed to life.
Wookiee: Yeah! My turn.
Toni: Then let’s go! Look, those other cars are long gone!
Toni was smart enough to reverse into the parking bay, making exit much easier. Wookiee drove Mr Hankey sedately to the street, then… drove at the speed limit.


Legend of Terms:

TBDC: Time Block Distance Covered. This is the amount of mileage covered during the current 2 hour period.
ODC: Overall Distance Covered. This is the total distance that the team has covered since Noon on Friday
MRL: Morale modifier
FTG: Fatigue Level
Notes: Any notes I have for your team during this time block. Including POI results, car issues, etc.

Sunday, 8am - 10am

Weather Conditions: 70 degrees. Sunny.

All vehicles are on US101 South or CA-1.

POI breaks no longer available (unless already submitted)

Next Waypoint(s): Half Moon Bay State Beach, Half Moon Bay, CA, El Capitan State Beach, CA.

TBDC: 116 mi OD: 1490 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +2 Notes: Waypoint Completed: El Capitan State Beach. Team has made their final fuel stop in Santa Maria.

TBDC: 123 mi OD: 1643 mi MRL: -2 FTG: +7 Notes: Waypoint Completed: El Capitan State Beach. TEAM IS VERY FATIGUED.

TBDC: 122 mi OD: 1281 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +1 Notes: None.

TBDC: 119 mi OD: 1500 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +2 Notes: Waypoint Completed: El Capitan State Beach. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

TBDC: 90 mi OD: 938 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: Part is in, the parts store employee was “bribed” to install it, and team is on their way.

TBDC: 115 mi OD: 1472 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +3 Notes: Waypoint completed: El Capitan State Beach. Team has made their final refueling stop in Santa Maria.

TBDC: 84 mi OD: 1693 mi MRL: +10 (WINNING!) FTG: +5 Notes: Team has crossed the finish line, shorltly before 9:30 AM.

TBDC: 110 mi OD: 1379 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +2 Notes: Team has made their final refueling stop in Santa Maria.

TBDC: 104 mi OD: 1495 mi MRL: -4 FTG: +3 Notes: Team was pulled over by CHP and cited for speeding.

TBDC: 114 mi OD: 1445 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +2 Notes: None

@koolkei / @FrankNSTein
TBDC: 112 mi OD: 1563 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +4 Notes: Team is feeling fatigued.

TBDC: 103 mi OD: 1624 mi MRL: -3 FTG: +12 Notes: TEAM IS DANGEROUSLY EXHAUSTED.

@Nomade0013 / @ramthecowy
TBDC: 118 mi OD: 1629 mi MRL: -2 FTG: +7 Notes: TEAM IS VERY FATIGUED.

TBDC: 89 mi OD: 1360 mi MRL: -5 FTG: +5 Notes: CRITICAL FAILURE: Clutch has given up the ghost.

Team Greasy Lightning

Team/Car info

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